Witches, vampires, demons, ghosts,
Elect all of the devilish host,
I pray you send hither, send hither
Send hither,
The great gray shape that makes
Men shiver

Melt the bullet, Blunt the knife, rot the cudgel,
Strike fear into man, beast and reptile,
So that they may not seize the gray wolf, nor tear
Him from his warm hide. My word is firm,
Firmer than the sleep or strength or sleep of heroes


No one noticed the great gray shapes that lurked in the bushes, before it was too late. They all saw a pair of green yellow eyes flash occasionally I am sure, but they were stupid enough to ignore the warnings. I like them a little smarter, that way they are harder to catch and they do not scream as much.

They did not see the others either, before the others were on top of them slashing at their throats that is when they realized what we were. They were too dumb, and let the fires die, making it very to easy for us. I’m sure they saw Flash’s eyes though, those green yellow balls of hatred for them gleaming in the light of the full moon. He had it the worst of all of us.

It was too late when I advanced, and that was the only thing they knew. They saw me, as others do, as a sheik brown gray form lunging at them, then they see my eyes. After they get over the shock of the brown-gray creature lunging at them, they look into eyes of ice blue. These eyes are worn by hatred for human kind and show no mercy, they are the eyes of a wolf. And the humans realized that right before they scream, right before they die.

The humans have no respect for the “un-dead creatures of the night” as they call us. They are uninformed and know nothing truly about us. We are not “un-dead” we die, everything dies. Anything that ever sucks in the cold breath of life will one day breath out the fumes of death, and live no more. We also are not creatures. We were once like them, we lived with them and ate with them. In fact, we even loved them at one point or another. It is true though we stalk our prey at night and we must in our real shape it hurts our eyes too much and it would be to easy for them to spot us. We would be sitting ducks in our sliver gray coats and shinny black claws. They were true about us being night stalkers.

In the past years they decided to stop their belief in us, because we did not attack them to often, like our elders did. Our elders had not learned to control the need for human flesh, as we had. They had needed it every time they changed, 3 times a month. That is a lot of killing and it is hard to catch humans when they are aware of you.

They now tell their children that we are myths and that they must be good children to not be taken away by the “night stalkers” as we were commonly called. It was sad to see our proud race of creatures be resorted to fairy-tales children are told to behave. I wonder what our elders would think of this. They could not control the change or their never deadening need for raw meat. We were smarter leaner and more keen. We knew how to control the hunger and how to stop the changes, event though we liked the changes.

It was the best feeling to fun free in the moonlight. Your tongue hanging out of your mouth, over your sharp rows of fangs. Your muscles expanding and contracting with your continuous stride of front paws, back paws. The course fur on your back keeping you warm and safe from the icy cold wind. The mud soft under the pads of your feet sometimes flying up onto your side was it hardened. The moon on the horizon lighting your path for you, even though you did not know where you were going, you just were running as free as you could be in the moonlight of a full moon.
And if you have not figured out what I am by now then your should have been in the group of stupid humans hat died last night…

I flopped down onto the bed nursing the wound on my left flank where I had speared with a stick. I cringed as I removed the pair of shorts I had been wearing to revile the wound. I took a cup of hot boiled herbs and pored it on the wound. The searing hot liquid speeded into my flank and eased the pain greatly. “Thanks Flash” I mumbled to the sliver-black wolf standing at my side. “You were right it dose help.” The wolf snorted and stood onto its back leg facing me. ^ I do not know why you bother it will be gone tomorrow and all you’ll have is a scar. ^ The wolf said to me. They always bother me about taking care of my injuries and not just letting hem heal naturally. “I don’t like scars okay?” I said frustrated. “I’m the one who always gets speared or slashed. You guys aren’t the same types of hunter as me.” I said. Flash gulped then answered,  ^You’re not like us you know you were not born of a wolf. ^  He said. It was true my mother had left me when I was very little.

I remember it vaguely I was only 5 and when your five your not to bright. I was playing in my room when I heard howling outside. My mother always got nervous when she heard the wolves and encouraged me to stop howling back to them. I liked the wolves though and I had no clue why everyone hated them so. They were wonderful creatures.
My mother used to say the were the creatures of the devil and that I should not like them. I ignored her and continued to ‘howl’ like the wolves.

One my 5th birthday we were celebrating at my house and my two friends Blake and Cake. We were running about the woods in my backyard playing hide-and-go seek. It was my turn to be it so I ran through the woods beating on my chest and howling. I was concentrating on howling so I closed my eyes and lifted my head to the moon still running. I ran smack dab into a large gray and tan wolf. The wolf looked at me and blinked then it lifted it’s head and howled. I was so preoccupied with howling with that wolf I did not hear my mother’s screams. I stopped howling at looked in time to see her running away caring my birthday cake in her hands.

I sat down and started to whimper. The gray and tan wolf nudged me with his snout and licked my face. ^Do not cry boy Daddy is here. You are safe now. ^ The wolf took me back to his den and I never saw my mother of the two boys again, not to mention my cake….

          *  * * * * * * *

Tonight is the full moon Dieter.” Flash’s words brought me back to my senses. “We must hunt again, I think we should have held off the hunger last night though. There will be much commotion from the villagers.” He said shifting to his human form once again. I chuckled flash was born a wolf, much like Dolph the 3 member in our pack. Well you could call it a pack I guess; we were the smartness of our real pack. We always got the food. “Yes here stupid but some clothes on.” I said to him throwing a t-shirt and some jeans. “Well who shall we take the Anders of the Simons?” I asked. ^Well I was thinking the Simons because they have never had one taken the Anders have. ^ Dolph said walking into the room.

Dolph was different from Flash and me by coloration. He was white pure white. His eyes were bright red and stuck out awkwardly in the mists of all the whiteness of his face. Flash was sliver black and his eyes were an odd green yellow and looked strangely like the full moon. I my self, am brown gray more brown much like my father. My eyes are like two pieces of ice though white blue and harder than stone. They have become this way because of the hatred for humans that has deviled within me.

I took a breath of the ice-cold air and signaled to Dolph. He barked back in reply telling me they were in site. I heard a yelp near bye and spotted flash his sliver fur glowing like a gem under the moon. I barked to him and he responded telling me were he had been. He was fishing for a glass of milk (for some odd reason he likes it…) and he was caught in the barn by an old lady. I saw the blood dripping from his mouth and he said he would not need to eat again. I informed Dolph about Flash and told him it looked like just him and me.

I spotted our target and it was decided that Dolph would be the distraction. He limped out into the clearing and whimpered like a lost puppy. I chuckled at Dolph, he was so good at acting, and soon that man would be lying flat on his back begging for mercy. My laugh came out more like a hoarse cough. I snorted and slipped my attention back to Dolph. The hunter who was our target was stroking what he thought to be a lost puppy. Dolph certainly did not look like a puppy with his snow-white fur and red eyes but by the way, his tail was wagging, he even fooled me.

The hunter turned back to the house with Dolph at his heels. ^ Now Dieter! ^ Dolph whispered to me. I lunged out of the underbrush and leaped up on to the unsuspecting hunter. He fell to the ground and I backed up, standing up onto my hind legs. He got up, brushed his hands off and turned to face me. “Why did you do that little fellow…” At that point, he was staring at me his mouth hanging open. “Y-y ou a-aren’t that l-l-ittle d-dog are you?” He stammered. ^Not even close mister. ^ I said walking towards him on my back legs. I looked like a true werewolf, the kind that is bite by a wolf. He turned to run and in seconds he was on his back begging for mercy…if he only would not have had that axe…
                         * * * * * * *

I awoke in the cold shivering. ^ Flash? Dolph? ^ I croaked getting to my feet. ^Were are you? ^ I asked. “Lye back down Dieter you haven’t healed fully yet. You took a good hit. Good thing the axe wasn’t all sliver.” Dolph said to me pushing me back down onto the cold floor. “What ever you do don’t let the change take place yet. It’s going to take a few more hours.” He said pouring a hot cup of tea for me. “Here drink.” He said pushing the cup in front of my face. ^ It is to hot. You know I hate herbal stuff. ^ I said burning my tongue on it. I felt the taste buds on my tongue burn for a second then dim and go away. It is and advantage to be a werewolf sometimes, especially when it comes to pain.

I got up and noticed the pain in my flank had gone so I let the changes take place. I felt my teeth return to normal all except for the two canines in the front, which remained the cruel long fangs of a bloodthirsty beast. I could hear my bones crunching as they turned around forming human knees. I looked down on my paws ands saw they had turned back to human hands with all three middle fingers the same length. I felt my face, which had returned to the smooth skin of a human. I felt the locks of my gray brown hair and walked over to the mirror just to make sure my eyes were the same icy color. They were so I turned around to leave but in the doorway, Dolph stood still in human form.

It was rare to see Dolph like this, he was proud of his bloody eyes and artic snow coat. He had once explained to me it had come from his heritage. He told me of the ancient tribes of elemental wolves that lived on Alaskyr, our homeland. He was not sure though as he told me if they really existed or if they were pure legend, he laughed at himself for this reason though because most folks think werewolves are legends. He spoke of two main elemental werewolf tribes, the fire and the ice. The fire were wolfs of bright red with blood thirsty eyes like his that never lost their fiery gleam even when in human form. The ices were just the opposite they had white sliver dots and either brown or white eyes, more commonly white. His father’s father was named Adek, which translated to human means “noble one”. He was an artic wolf and artics were known for their pride. Adek fell in love with a beautiful fire wolf named Lupe. Lupe like the rest of her family and all of the fire wolves had tempers that flared at the slightest irritation. Lupe loved Adek as much as “a bird loves to fly and a fish swim” as Dolph put it. They had to run away from their families to a place where people lived and that was where they had their children. Some of them were red with white eyes, some white with red eyes. Others looked just like their Sire, pure white with white eyes. Others looked identical to their Dam. Dolph’s father, Nome, took after Lupe and Dolph had carried on his Grandma’s proud red eyes that told his heritage to any of the ‘old world wolves’.

“Dieter, Flash, it has” -He swallowed- “ It has happened again.” I put my head in my hands and rocked back and forth. I was finally able to gasp “How many?” Dolph swallowed “I sometimes fear you can control it brother, unlike the rest of us who are unlucky enough to be human only when the full moon rises.” Dolph said glancing out onto the slivery moon, which was almost gone. “Dolph how many?” I said, assuming he had changed the topic on purpose. “Only five have been killed the rest were just…” He made a whining voice as the moon disappeared under the mountains. I shivered and turned out of respect for Dolph. He could not control the changes and when you could not control them, it was a hard change back to your other skin. I turned again and a wolf stood in front of me. ^ The rest were just injured. He will be coming back soon. Don’t make a big deal about it okay? He cannot help he is a reverse. ^ Dolph said loping over to me and hoping onto the bed.

Therefore, I sat by Dolph and waited for Flash. I thought to myself about why we were friends. Dolph being a true, which is the werewolf term for a werewolf that can only assume his human shape on nights of the full moon. Me being a werewolf who could control his changes into man beast or between man and and beast, the fable wolf-man, a wolf that stands on two legs. And poor Flash, he being a reverse, which was another werewolf term. This one meant a werewolf who was cursed to have the between wolf and man shape on the nights of the full moon, then he had to contained or he would be let lose his full wrath on innocent people.

* * * * * * * * * *

“Wake up you stupid wolf I need to talk to you!” A voice said in my dreams. ^What are you doing in my dreams go away…^ I said curling back up next to Flash.

{Hit him on the head with something sliver that will get his attention…} Another voice said this one was deeper and was talking in my head like flash or Dolph. At the mention of sliver, I sprang to my feet and glared at the intruders. A tall blonde haired woman and an ice blue dragon stood before me. They woman wore a shirt the same color as her dragon and a pair of black leather pants. The dragon was a medium size blue that had dark brown eyes. They looked nice besides his icy colored skin. ^ I was right. ^ The dragon said. He grabbed the woman’s necklace waved in my face with his wing. ^Back! Back! Go Away! ^ He said then hissed.

I glanced at Dolph stretching and yawning and Flash still sound asleep and wondered when flash had gotten home. Dolph suddenly noticed the dragon waving sliver at me, growled, and raised the hair on his back. The woman grabbed her sliver necklace and glared at her dragon. “Hawk you’re a dork. Hello Dieter Flash and Dolph.” She said nodding to us in order. I saw Dolph’s puzzled face of amusement and laughed. “What is so funny?” She asked. I shrugged, still in wolf form, which probably would have looked funny.   “Well anyway, my name is Miza and this annoying blue lug is Hawk. I’m a search rider and I’m hear to-" ^to search a bunch of werewolves right? Are you crazy lady? I would eat about every human out there given a chance. No need to come here unless you want to end up dead. ^ I said.
Hawk laughed. ^ You dare to threaten Miza? Heh this should be funny…^ He said and flexed his wings. I made a threatening growl in response to hawk’s warning. I glanced at Miza her eyes were a blaze and there was strange look on her face. A twist between amusement and anger. “Oh really…” she said and pulled on her second necklace, which she dangled in front of me. “See what happens to little twerps who dare to dance with the Search rider of Azon?” I looked at the necklace; there were 12 fangs on it. Three of the fangs were some kind of cat and the rest I could not tell.  I shifted to my human form in front of her, making her tinge as my bones turned in place.

“ I see no werewolf fangs.” I said grinning, my two overly large canines sticking out and blood stained from last night’s kill.
^Oh! Diss! ^ Hawk hissed at me. He was sitting on my favorite rock watching us fight.
“First of all, shut your face. Second get off my rock.” I said. I pointed to the rock which he was sitting upon and smiled a cruel smile. “Now Miza, I’m sorry that I can’t help you but dragons and me just don’t…go together.” I said.

“Well, you don’t know how your friends feel do you pretty boy?” she said looking me up and down. It was true and I hated being so handsome. Whenever we would go into town, I had a group of girls following me home. They giggled and looked at Dolph’s eyes. I would have killed them if they weren’t so pretty. Plus I never kill women or children, it is just wrong. We usually take mean people or lawyers. Nevertheless, I was not about to tell Miza this.

“I like dragons…I always have but they wouldn’t want me…”Flash said. I realized he had been awake for quite sometime.
^Me too, it’s just I can only be thoroughly human on nights of the full moon, and Flash can only be human at day time.” Dolph said walking over to us.
“I know but remember all things that can walk on two legs talk or once could do those things can impress a dragon. There is a dragon for everyone.” Miza said. “I’m not on my usual rounds though. Sargon our Wyerleader is from Azon in the south. I’m here for Baeris from the healing den. Hawk hatched there. They are having a flight and I want you guys to sign up. Since there are no eggs at Azon, I wanted to do Baeris a favor to repay her for putting up with me so long. She’s a great person really, not everyone can deal with my temper…Plus Hawk is flying in that flight maybe you can get one of his babies!” she said.

“Fine…” I said looking at Dolph and Flash’s pleading eyes. “But only if you make Hawk get off my rock.”


Miza and Hawk are Search riders at -
Dolph, Dieter and Flash standing (or sitting…)
Hawk is flying at-
Werewolf poems by- Jane Yolen and Martin H. Greenberg
Background made by Sargon!

It had been forever since we  had come to the healing den, they where some of the first candidates to arrive.  We enjoyed our stay however, it was nice and Flash had been able to keep his shifting under control.  Dolph had met up with this red-wolf shifter named  Aila and they had gotten along great together, the odd pair they made...
I however was busy with the ladies, they all kind of flocked towards me. ^_~ Flash was doing fine, he kind of quietly hung out with us, the shy quiet guy he was...

"The eggs are hatching!" Dolph yelled and ran up to find, Aila, me and Flash one day, months after we had arrived.
"Well let's go!" I said and rushed down the stairs to the sands eager to see some dragons. The first to hatch was a  red and white dragon that made it's way over to Dolph. She mirrored him completely, red body, with white wingsails.
Will you show me how you change your outside? I would like to do that! The dragon's strong voice whispered into Dolph's head.
"I don't think you can shapeshift Marwnth, but maybe when your older..." He said scratching his head and looking back at Me & Falsh. The dragon's voice seemed to give him confidence.

A while later a beautiful blue made his way over to Flash. The underside of his wings where almost pitch black and he was a stunning lightish blue.
You do not mean to hurt people when you cannot control your shifting. Perhaps I can help you? Will you allow me? He said into Flash's head.

Flash's eyes welling up with tears he nodded . "Of course you can one else has been able to Valorionth..." He said leaving only me, to wait for my bond, hopefully, my bond.

I was begging to lose hope, wondering what would happen if I didn't bond, I'd  look like a fool in front of Flash and Dolph. That was just when a grey black dragon broke from his shell and made his way to me. He lashed his spaded tail back and forth, his coloration  was almost identical to mine If I was in my wolf shape. "You look fierce..." I murmured looking at the dragon's spines.

You ARE fierce my friend...The dragon said quietly into my head. I am Aziriith, now come meet MY friends and nest mates... He said muttered into my head with a fierce voice that seemed to quake the very earth i stood upon.

Boy this was going to be interesting...
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