Bandit's story
dark moon wyer

“Do you like it?” Bandit asked his instructor. “Well I don’t know about the background color could be more realistic.” His instructor Greg replied. “Think it will sell? I think it is really good because of the map of Pern in the back you know the whole map brings out the colors of Ganeth.” Bandit replied enthusiastically. “Bandit, you know that Ganeth is darker blue than that.” Greg replied he was very particular about the way his student drew his dragon. “But He looks prettier that way. It brings out his eyes.” Bandit replied looking for the good in the painting. “Well it will sell for it is vary well painted in fact the best you’ve done yet of Ganeth” Greg said in reply. Here I have an idea, before you go home why don’t you draw Froth, the ice blue, which Kelly just got. (Kelly was another student that Greg tutor in his art teachings) “Okay” Bandit replied a little exhausted “but I must go soon” So Bandit set off drawing Froth. “ Move a little to the left so I can see your wings better” Bandit said giving “modeling” directions to Froth. < Picky, Picky you are Bandit it should be a challenge for you to draw me in that pose considering you are the best artist here. > “Just hold still or you’ll be in trouble form you’re rider tonight you know how she treats behavior problems” Bandit said a little annoyed because of froth continuous moving and flexing. Froth stood still and Bandit started to paint him. He ran his finger through his light brown hair and blinked his icy gray eyes. He grabbed at his dragon fang necklace thoughtfully. He slid his hand into his pocket and grabbed a pen to outline Froth’s eyes. <Do I look good?> froth asked Bandit after he had been working for 45 minutes now. “Yes pretty good you can move now I just need a good look at your left front foot.” He said in a sigh like voice. Froth approached him so he could get a closer look at his foot. “Hmm.. Is that a scar or a callus?” Bandit asked . “<Oh it’s a scar from my fight with that tunnel worm. I hate those things, so ugly aren’t they?> “Yep they are thanks for letting me draw you Froth. I have to go look for a place to impress a dragon now I really need one to help me get around .”Bandit said. <I know a great place to impress!> Froth said excitedly. Why don’t you go to Dark Moon Wyer? <They currently have a clutch on the sands and now are looking for candidates.> Froth said. “Okay is that where you are from” <No, but my mother was from there.>  “I’ll go check it out, by froth.” Bandit said excitedly. So, I went to the wyer to see if they would accept me, to be a candidate. About a week after they accepted him to be a candidate they eggs hatched. The first one to hatch was large and  dark blue . Out of it popped a small blue Hatchling. It walked over to Bandit swirled its wingtip in the sand and looked up at him hopefully. " Well do you want to eat, or not?" Bandit asked as he slid a bowl of meat over to Vehderth. The little blue smiled a dragon like smile as Bandit passed the bowl.
Bandit smiled and tought to him self, Wow my own dragon! He and Vehderth watched the other eggs hatch and canidates fedd the new-born hatchlings.
<Do I get more?> "Well mayb later I think we should get you home first" So Bandit took the little hatchling home.
Months passed and Bandit’s Blue Venderth grew into a beautiful hatchling. His wings were more of a stone-washed colored now and his color was a deeper blue than before, his eyes shown like a ruby in the mists of a deep blue ocean, for they were a sparkling red color. By now Bandit had at least oh 40 paintings of Venderth and they just kept coming. Each was more beautiful than the last one and Bandit’s instructor was very proud. “Bandit you just keep getting better and better at this maybe your dragon is bringing you luck.” He said glancing at Venderth who was sprawled out in the sun posing for Bandit. “Thank you, I need more of that emerald stuff for Keith’s eyes. I have this really good idea. I could like paint Venderth, Keith and Froth together on a rock and I could do like a sunrise in the background.” Bandit said kind of gazing into the sky. “Good ideas Bandit! By no time you’ll be taking over for me” His instructor said chuckling. < Come now, Bandit! Pay more attention to me already > Venderth said. “Okay you attention hogger!” Bandit said chuckling. < After this, I want to go flying. > “Okay we will now hold still!” <Fine then> and with that Venderth leaped into the air with a ticked Bandit chasing after him.
Venderth has grown!
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