Daron and Courtney are standing at: Rylsen Weyr
“Daron and Courtney”

Daron slid back in his desk. He looked boredly down at his notebook filled with equations for his Pre-Algebra course. Today his class was learning about ‘the property of multiplication’. Daron rolled his eyes; his teacher was such a fruitcake. She made them take notes every day and when they were bad, they had to turn in notes from the past month. Daron rolled his eyes again thinking of the people who actually kept their notes that long. Maybe Josh or Kelsey…He thought to himself. They are both butt kissers…

He leaned over his desk and ripped a corner off his notebook. He scribbled something on it and balled it up. He looked over to his friend Courtney, who looked just as bored as he did. She sat there drawing little flowers on her notes waiting for their extremely boring teacher Mrs. Durso to give their homework assignment. Daron chucked the little piece of crumbled notebook paper at Courtney’s head. It landed in the middle of her notes and she laughed as she unfolded it. She wrote something with her pink pen and waited for Mrs. Durso to turn around. She chucked the paper back at Daron who opened it under his desk, not wanting their teacher to see.

It read: Hiya! How about you me, Eva and Rich go see that new movie Kung Pow? Daron laughed it was the goofy movie about the kid who was a karate legend. It was supposed to be hilarious.

“Daron? Why don’t you share what is so funny with the rest of the class?” Mrs. Durso said turning around from her explanation of cross multiplication in fractions.

“Uh…nothing’ Mrs. Durso.” Daron said turning three shades of red, making his dyed blue hair look even weirder than normal. He leaned back into his chair trying to shrink.

“Well then maybe you can help me with this problem…what is 25 percent of 100?” she asked. Daron thought a moment and scribbled something on his notebook.

“25” He answered that one wasn’t to hard, in fact that was one of the easier ones that Mrs. Durso had given. One kid had to list all the multiples of 900. Daron grabbed his pen and wrote: ok sure. On the piece of notebook paper and chucked, it back to Courtney.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * *

“Eva! Popcorn would be nice!” Courtney hissed at Eva as she stood inline at the concession stand in the lobby of the movie theater.

“Ok…1 large popcorn and 4 small drinks.” Eva said getting out her wallet.

“That will be $22.50.” the clerk said sticking out his hand. Eva sighed and handed over the money. “ $00.10 is your change have a nice day!” the clerk said smiling.

Eva walked away stuffing the change into her pocket. “My gosh movie prices are high! $22.50 for popcorn and soda.” She walked over to Daron and Rich who stood waiting for the air hockey table. “The movie people are such frugits!” Eva said angrily.

“Yeah……. oh popcorn!” Daron said grabbing a handful. “No what were you saying Eva? Frugit?” Daron said stuffing the popcorn in his mouth.

Eva handed him a soda. “Here. Yeah you know me and Courtney’s word, frugit.” She said handing the other soda to Rich.

“Frugit...it should describe Mrs. Durso.” Rich said putting a quarter in the air hockey machine. “I’ll play you Daron!” He said.

“Fine then!” Daron said his light blue eyes afire. “Yeah Frugit perfectly describes Mrs. Durso, but you don’t have her for Pre-algebra.” Daron stuck his tongue out. “She’s worse later in the day.”

“Yeah she almost caught Daron writing love notes to Courtney! Ohhhhhhh!” Eva said smiling. Daron chucked popcorn at her. “Well it’s true!”

“Is not, we were talking about which movie we were going to see, not anything like that. ” Courtney said chucking more popcorn into Eva’s long red-blonde hair.

“I still think they were love notes…” rich said, s he slammed the puck into Daron’s goal. “Ha...I win!” He said as the air hockey table shut down.

“Come on guys we were not!” Daron said glancing down at his watch. “Oh my only 2 minutes 'til the movie starts better hurry!” He said pushing Courtney, Eva and Rich into the theater. * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Daron walked into the bathroom during the show, to look at himself in the mirror. One of his eyes hurt and he was wondering if it was infected. He looked into the mirror at his light blue eyes and dark blue hair. He pulled back his eyelid to make sure that his eyes were fine. It looked normal but it hurt a little. He shrugged and turned to walk out. When he was almost out the door, he heard something sound like it crashed into one of the stalls. His curiosity streaming he turned around and walked back into the bathroom. To his amazement, a man and a blue dragon sat in one of the now broken stalls. He blinked again wondering if his eyes were playing tricks on him. He rubbed his eyes and decided they were for real or he was in a dream. He walked over to the rider who was angrily talking to no one.

“Excuse me Sir, but may I be of some help?” Daron asked the man. He slowly turned around and his eyes bugged out. Hs dragon sat there on the broken pieces of the stall looking at his surroundings.

“Um…yes! Yes! Are you from Earth?” He asked Daron, pulling his dragon of the broken pieces of bathroom stall. “My name is R’lan and this is Anita.” He grinned.

“Um...yeah I’m from Earth…” Daron said a little scared of the lizard. Or what he thought was a lizard. “Is that thing real?” He asked thinking it might be special effects.

R’lan looked surprised for a moment and then turned back to his lizard. “Oh, yes this is my dragon Ancith, like I said and he’s as real as you.” Daron nodded dropping his soda on the floor.

I believe you are human like R’lan…The dragon said inside of Daron’s head, which shocked him at first but he got over it. He was pretty much used to the fact now, after seeing one that dragons existed. However, I do not know about your hair why is it blue? The dragon asked staring at Daron’s dark blue hair.

Daron grinned. “It’s dyed…so how did you guys get here?” Daron asked realizing that people would freak out and probably stick Ancith in a Zoo. “Are there more dragons like Ancith, and do they all have names like his?” Daron asked R’lan who has happily examining one of the urinals. “Um...dude I don’t think you want to do that…” Daron said pulling R‘lan away from the urinal.

“Well, yes, there are many dragons like Ancith. They all come from Pern, Alskyr or one of the other distant worlds. He is from what we call a “Weyr”. It was called Ryslen Weyr, to be exact. I am a searchrider there and I have come to Earth to search for more people who can bond dragons at Ryslen. I think I’ve found one too….” His eyes got this distant glazed over look. Daron waved his hand in front of R’lan’s face.

“Dude are you ok?” He asked worried about the man. R’lan shook himself and grinned again at Daron. “What happened?” Daron asked.

“Oh yes I was talking to my Ancith. We have to communicate mentally. Like all riders, we made a bond when Ancith first hatched. It’s called impression.” He grinned again even wider. “Ancith and I think you’d be a good candidate for impression and Ryslen Weyr. So what do you say? You can bring a friend…” His eyes glazed over gain. “Ancith thinks you should bring the friend who has blonde hair, he feels a power from her also.”

Daron grinned. “So I get to leave earth and go where?” He asked. He would be glad to leave Earth behind, after all he and Courtney where both orphans and lived in foster homes. Maybe a dragon was just what he needed.

“To Pern and you can meet Tiyanni the Weyrwoman of Ryslen.” He grinned “Now go get your friend, we can’t stay here forever.”

Daron raced off back to the movie theater to get Courtney. He scrabbled back up the seats and pulled Her down the steps. “Daron, where are we going?” She asked not appreciating her being dragged away at the climax of the movie. “It was getting good!” She said pouting.

“We’re going somewhere private…” he said dragging her into the lobby. “I can’t explain everything now, but just trust me ok? I think we finally have a change to leave this stupid place.” He said.

Courtney was silent until they reached the bathroom. “In there?” She hissed at Daron. “But that’s the men’s bath room…” Daron shook his head and dragged her in. She screamed.

R’lan was again busy with the urinal and Ancith was looking curiously at one of the toilets. “I wonder what this dose…” R’lan said flushing the urinal. “Wow….” He mumbled doing it again and again. What is this for? Do you drink out of it? Ancith asked sniffing the toilet water. Ewww! Earth people are weird! I would never drink this.

Daron stood there laughing at Courtney’s shocked but almost laughing face and R’lan and Ancith’s stupidity. “R’lan! You’re such a frugit! And Ancith, that’s a toilet you go um…urinate in it….same as in the thing your playing with R’lan.” He said through cackles. R’lan immediately back away from the urinal and Ancith mumbled something about the smell.

“Um….is that ...a dragon Daron?” Courtney asked still looking shocked but slightly relived. Daron nodded. “Oh...ok...can I touch it?” Courtney asked looking at the blue with wonder. “I guess so, you’ll have to ask him though…” R’lan said examining some toilet paper. “What dose this do?” He asked Daron. Daron laughed and explained the uses of toilet paper.

Ancith looked at Courtney. I guess you can touch me…He said into her mind. You seem nice enough…He said. Courtney walked over to him and extended her hand to touch the blue dragon. His skin was smooth, not scaled and felt slightly warm. She grinned.

“So where are we going?” she asked him stroking his smooth skin.

To Ryslen Weyr in, Pern. Ancith said. I think you will like it there everyone is nice. Ancith looked to R’lan and Daron, it looked as if Daron was explaining the meaning of soda to R’lan, who was happily drinking the sweet liquid.

~*At the hatching*~

Daron and Courtney watched the people walk by and laughed. They all looked somewhat strange but Daron and Courtney thought to them selves If I can see dragons I can see these people...

A golden dragon and a night bronze dragon where the parents f the clutch and Courtney mumbled something about the green dragons having better attitudes then the gold was very ornery.

The hatching was long, 24 eggs on the sands and 25 candidates one would not impress a dragon and Courtney and Daron feared it to be one of them. Courtney feared it the most for she was just 'brought along' and maybe there wasn't a dragon for her. Five dragons hatched all revealing beautiful dragons that looked similar to Ancith. A blue dragon shattered an egg in such a way it looked similar to the movie that Daron and Courtney had been watching earlier. He ran across the sands strait to Daron. "His name is Yrototith!" Daron said surprised that he could pronounce a word like that. Courtney smiled and pushed them to the feeding room, no reason to wait for her...

After the 14th egg hatched Courtney was egging to wonder if her thoughts wee true. One egg remained and two candidates stood on the sands. Lost in her thoughts she almost missed the green white egg burst open. A normal happy go lucky green popped out of the egg. She pranced over to Courtney and sat in front of her. "Oh Rasith...You are SO funny!" Courtney said laughing. She had impressed! Now she could join Daron who was now, in pernese traditon, was D'ron.

"Daron...you should of never given R'lan that soda..." Courtney said watching the searchrider twitch as he talked to people.

Daron grinned. "I know but it is funny to watch him...." Daron said.

He is very weird Daron...I like him...Yrototith said slurping up some meat.

I do, too! I like his dragon! He is a hottie! Right Courtney? Is that how you say it hot-tie? Rasith said.

"It's hottie...not like hot tie! Like hottie a long 'e' sound!" Courtney said giggling. Daron rolled his eyes.

"Girls...right Yrototith?" Daron asked sipping some kind of alcoholic fruit drink a servant had given him. "They don't give us alcohol on earth when we're this age...cool"

Girls....they are ok I guess...i want some of that!Yrototith said looking at the fruit drink. Daron and Courtney laughed they could never go back to earth now!

Daron and courten smiled as they watched Yrotorith and rasith grow up they would be flying in no time at all....

Story coming soon...when i have time when i have the time...

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