Boton's Clash
Weeks passed after we did all the legal stuff making it official for Bolton to be my dragon. Soon he was a sub adult and his scales were getting shinier by the day. “Well, you’re growing fatst!” I said while I stroked his scales. “It won’t be long until you’re old enough to ride. You’re almost a sub-adult you know.” < I know, and I can’t wait to fly!!> He said. < Can you teach me today? > “ I thought you were going to get an earring today.” I said. < Okay lets do that first! > He replied excitedly. When we arrived at one of the shops in town, after a long walk, we went inside to pick out his earring. < its for my birthday so make it a real gold one!> Bolton said looking at the earrings on display. “ I like that one” I said pointing to a gold hoop with a turquoise feather attached to it. < Cool! I want that one!> He said . “How much?” I asked the shopkeeper. He leaned over and whispered the price into my ear. “Well, we will just have to give up that extra piece of pie tomorrow Bolton.” I said. < That’s okay! > He said. “Okay here’s the money how are you going to do it?” I said handing the shopkeeper the money. “With the gun. It won’t hurt him he’s old enough to ride.” The shopkeeper said. <Gun?> “ Yes Bolton the earring gun” I said after he made a gulping noise. Later that day he was showing it off to his friends. < Yep just got it this morning. They did it with a gun and everything, but that didn’t bother me! > He said prancing around in front of Snap and Keefer two others form his home. <Cool! I wish Fawn would get me one!> Snap said. <Me too!> said Keefer. <Well, Mal’s gonna get me another for my first flight! > He said. I walked over to Fawn and Solomon Keefer and Snap’s riders. They got there dragons 2 years after I got Bolton. “What’s he showing off about?” Asked Solomon. “Oh his earring, I got it for him for his birthday.” I said. “You actually let him get one of those? asked Fawn. “Yep, and he’s getting another for his first flight.” I said. “ Well, us high class people would never let our dragons touch those things!” Fawn said. “ It’s pure gold.” I said not bothering to look up. “Oh in that case…” Fawn said. Solomon just started laughing. Well I’ve got to go bring Bolton to visit his father the king.” I said, for Fawn’s green snap wasn’t even pure dragon blood. “Hmpt!” She said and walked away. Solomon just cracked up madly, it wasn’t often Fawn got showed up. I walked over to Bolton and told him that we had to leave. When tommorow came I was ready to teach him how to fly. < Okay I’m ready as I’ll ever be hurry up back there.> He said as I was getting my riding leathers on. “ I’m hurring, I’m hurring!” I said and walked up to him. < Nice..! > He said. “Funny now let me get on your back.” I said as I tried to hop on his back.   <Okay> he said and lowered his wings so I could hop on. <Umm what do I do first? > He said a little uncomfortable with me on his back. “I think you should flap your wings and take a running start. The rest should come naturally.” I said trying to figure out how to hold on. So he started flapping his wings and running. When he was ready he lept off the ground and into the sky. “Woo-hoo!” I said as he gained air by the second. <Yeah! I did it all right! > He said. We flew in slience for about ½ an hour, until Bolton said, < Were are we going?> “To your father’s wyer, to show you off to all the other riders. I’m sure he’ll be proud of you.” I said as we neared his wyer. I was right his father was darn proud of him, and all the other riders were jealous cuz I had Bolton’s Clash.
This is his Sub-Adult stage.
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