Wildlife Tracks
(Cubbus Maximus)
Cubbus Maximus
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Mass: 30 to 42 kg (72 - 101 lbs.)
Length: to 60 in. (144 cm)
Biomes: camps in tundra, taiga, temperate forest & rainforest, temperate grassland, chaparral, desert, tropical rainforest, tropical deciduous forest, tropical scrub forest, tropical savanna & grasslands, mountains, and desert
Status: protected.
Range:The Cubbus Maximus' range covers all of rural, urban, and suburban North America from Alaska to Florida as well as Hawaii, Puerto Rico, Guam and certain other locales worldwide.

Hiker's Note:
When they are on the move, the Webelos can be identified by their blue or tan coloration. Their primary social grouping is called a 'den' or 'patrol' that consists of 6 to 8 Webelos and one or more 'alpha' individuals referred to as a WDL, AWDL, or CM.

Their tracks resemble those of a Bear, but the Webelos tracks are much larger. Another way to differentiate the Webelos track from the Bear is that the Webelos travel in a much straighter and determined fashion.

Cubbus Maximi are totally absorbed by a need to have fun and progress towards their ultimate goal referred to as AOL. If you encounter a Cubbus Maximus on the trail, exercise extreme caution as they travel in Packs!



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