The National Summertime Pack Award Program


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To The Pack Committee:

Cub Scouting is a year-round program.... September thru August. As such, it is the responsiblitiy of every Scouting unit to ensure a quality Cub program, even during the summer. During the months of June, July, and August Cub Scouts and their families can participate in Scouting activities that are educational and fun! A full summer program keeps a pack healthy, parents interested, and Cub Scouts eager to register for another year.

Participating in these Summertime activities also gives the Cub Scout, his Den, and the Pack an opportunity to earn the National Summertime Pack Award, an important component of the Quality Unit Program. These pages describe this program in detail and explain ways to help you plan your Cubbing summer and qualify for the award.


The Requirements

All the pack has to do is plan and conduct a monthly pack activity for June, July, and August. The whole idea is to keep your pack together and doing things during the summer when boys have the most free time.

The Recognitions

A pack committee member should keep the record of activities, participation of dens, and attendance of Cub Scouts. Submit the application form (click here) to the local council service center as soon after your August activity as possible. An appropriate pack meeting ceremony should be planned for the presentation of the awards, which are:

    For the Pack - A full-color certificate suitable for framing and an attractive streamer for the pack flag.

    For the Dens of the award earning Pack - A den ribbon for each den that has 50 percent or more of its boys participating in each of the three activities.

    For the boys of the award earning Pack - A pin for each boy who takes part in all of the summer months' activities.


How to Plan

  • Print and use the planning chart as a place to record your proposed and completed pack's activities (click here).

  • Planning for summertime activities should be a part of the annual program planning conference. At that conference, leaders accept the challenge to earn the National Summertime Pack Award. The pack committee should make suggestions for activities. Check themes in Cub Scout Program Helps, and, if desired, appoint a task force to give leadership to the summer program.

  • At the April pack leader meeting, this task force should have specific recommendations to make. Parents and families should be involved from the beginning, but make this an item on the agenda for the April pack meeting.

  • Schedule your plans around family vacation times. Get ideas at roundtables. Secure a list of community events as well as district and council events in which your pack can participate. Avoid date conflicts. Do not schedule a pack activity at the same time as a major community event that the families may want to take part in. However, some pack meetings may coincide with and be a part of some major events.

  • Check with members of your chartered organization to get their full support for your plans and to be sure that there is no conflict with events they have scheduled.

  • Use the summertime program as a way to bring more boys into the Cub Scout family. Graduate Tiger Cubs in May so they can participate as new Cub Scouts. Invite Cub Scout-age boys and their families to take part as guests. It is a great opportunity for them to see firsthand the fun of Cub Scouting. Form new dens as needed.

  • Webelos den leaders can use summertime activities to support activity badges. Plan trips, tours, and sports events around the badges on which the boys are working.

  • Use parents as organizers and leaders of activities. Involve all family members - grandparents, brothers, sisters. Any family member who may have been too busy to be active during fall and spring should be asked to help with the summer program.

  • Promote the summertime program as being great for those families who will not be going away on vacation. Make your plans sound like an at-home vacation.


Where to Go and What to Do

Summertime is definitely a time when Cub Scouts want to have fun, fun, fun! It is also a good time for leisure family activities. Use your Cub Scout Leader How-To Book for ideas. Here are some suggestions:

    Seeing Things Made - Manufacturing plants such as aircraft, automotive, appliance, or electronics; chemical, paper, plastic, paint, furniture, or toy plants; handicrafts, or other small industries.

    How Your City Runs - Power, light, water, gas, sewage treatment plants; police and fire stations, city hall, courthouse, telephone company, post office, hospitals; newspaper publisher, and radio and television stations.

    How Your City Is Fed - Truck farms and dairy farms; dairies, flour mills, bakeries; food processing, canning, and bottling plants; stockyards and meat or poultry-packing houses; beverage, candy, and ice-cream firms; city markets; restaurants and pizzerias; food distributors.

    How Your City Travels - Bus, boat, truck, railroad, subway, airplane, ferry, and shipping terminals and facilities.

    Learn About Your Heritage - Art galleries, museums, and memorials; celebrated old homes, forts, historic areas, monuments, and other historical sites; houses of worship, civic centers, important local buildings; summer theaters and band concerts; special local historical celebrations; and local activities.

    Let's Go Outdoors - Parks, forests, arboretums, botanical gardens, cemeteries, fish hatcheries, game preserves, or wild bird sanctuaries; hiking and nature trails; ball games, field meets, and other athletic events; pools, lakes, rivers, and beaches for swimming, fishing, and boating; zoos, circuses, and amusement parks; special outdoor displays and exhibits; nearby military installations; and recreational areas suitable for family picnics, cookouts, and games.

    Use the yellow pages in your telephone directory or call the tourist information person at your chamber of commerce office for information.



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