Wildlife Tracks
(Ochotona princeps)
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Mass: 121 - 176 g
Length: to 9 in. (23 cm)
Biomes: taiga, mountains
Status: A few isolated populations in the Great Basin are threatened, but most populations are abundant.
Range: American pikas are found in mountain habitats from central British Columbia to South-Central California and east to Colorado.

Hiker's Note:
Ochotona princeps is a moderate sized pika with buffy underparts. As in other pikas, the ears are short, the tail is not readily visible, and the body is egg-shaped.

American pikas are active outside their dens about 30% of daylight hours. Much of this time is devoted to feeding, haying, surveilance and territory defense. Adults establish and defend characteristic vocalizations, the short call and the song. The short call is given as an alarm call to alert others of avain predators and as a territory defense call. The song is given primarily by males during the breeding season, but both males and females may sing during the autumn.

American pikas are found in areas of broken rock and talus, which are surrounded by suitable vegetation. They are most often found at the interface between meadow habitat and open rocky terrain.

Rounded tracks are about 1 in. (3 cm.) across. Fore feet show 5 toe pads, hind feet show 4 toe pads.




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