Cub Scout Camping on a Submarine
"Cubs On Subs" - An Adventure Overnighter !

Photo by Russ Booth

The USS Pampanito - SS 383

The USS PAMPANITO is a World War II fleet submarine built in 1943. During the war she made six patrols of the Pacific Ocean where she sank six enemy ships, damaged four others, and ended the war with a total of over 27,000 tons of enemy shipping sunk.

Following the war she was eventually transferred to The National Maritime Museum Association where she is docked today in San Francisco, CA USA. Your Scouting Unit can enjoy a unique camping experience aboard this submarine-museum; a lasting memorial to the Submarine Service of the US Navy.

These pages are intended to assist Scout groups in the planning and execution of a fun and educational camping experience aboard the Pampanito.



* A Virtual Tour of the Pampanito
Take an easychair tour!
* SS 383 - History & Specifications
Heroic action in WW II
* Planning Your Overnighter
Everything you need to know.
* How To Get There From Anywhere!
Maps and driving directions.
* Arrival & the On-Board Program
Parking, loading, and on-board fun!
* Our Photo Album
Pix from our June 98 cruise.

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About The Submarine - A Virtual Tour
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Besides an excellent unguided walking tour with remote control audio-wands, the National Maritime Museum Association has developed a Web-based virtual tour of the Pampanito. This tour is meant to give those people who cannot visit a WW II submarine an idea of what these remarkable vessels are like, and is a must for Scouting units planning a visit.

You board Pampanito amidships just aft of the conning tower and proceed aft across the main deck to a ladder that leads to the after torpedo room. This entry is not original and was added to accommodate visitors. Originally this area contained the after torpedo hatch, a small hatch that was set down flush with the main deck to allow torpedoes to be loaded into the after room. The museum restoration team has also added a non-skid walkway and some additional handrails for the safety of visitors. Aside from these slight modifications the submarine is virtually as it was in 1945.

Once in the after torpedo room you will proceed forward through the other 9 compartments in the pressure hull of the submarine. They are as follows:

In the forward torpedo room a ladder leads to the forward deck near the conning tower and boat's armaments.

All of the compartments you pass through on the submarine have spaces below that serve a variety of functions but are accessed only from the compartment above. There is no continuous access through the submarine on the hold (lower) deck. Below both torpedo rooms are main ballast tanks, below the maneuvering room is the motor room, below the after engine room is the auxiliary engine, below the forward engine room are small fuel tanks and spare parts storage, below the crew's berthing and mess is the after battery and storage, below the control room is the pump room and below officer's country is the forward battery.

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Map and Driving Instructions

The USS Pampanito is docked on the East side of Pier 45 in San Francisco, CA, USA. This is located on the North shore of the city in the "Fisherman's Wharf" area. On the map, both Pier 45 and the Pampanito's location are denoted by the text "Fisherman's Wharf."

Once downloaded, the map will allow you to pan and zoom in or out for the desired details. This map can be printed or e-mailed to others, and there is also a link on the map page for "Driving Instructions."

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For further information, please contact:
    Thomas Richardson
    (415) 775-1943.

To schedule your group, please contact:

    Pampanito Reservations
    (415) 292-6664

Or write to:

    Pampanito Overnight Program
    National Maritime Museum Association
    45 Fisherman's Wharf
    Post Office Box 470310
    San Francisco, CA 94147-0310

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