The small lamp, which was attached to the roof of the tent, gave out just enough light to allow Tom to see his surroundings as he peered through the gloom to where Harry lay a few feet away. The Ensign had shifted position and was now curled up on his side, facing towards Tom, his back almost touching the side of the tent. His eyes were closed and, despite the noise from the wind and rain outside, he was sleeping soundly.

Tom studied him for a few moments more, then looked away, turning his head to face the man who lay right beside him. His lover's broad chest was rising and falling steadily, and Tom reached out to gently place his hand there. Chakotay's strong heartbeat pulsed under his fingers, and he sighed as its steady rhythm comforted him.

He slowly moved his gaze upwards to Chakotay's face and his hand followed. He softly stroked the older man's smooth cheek before letting his fingers wander to the dark hair that had fallen over his lover's forehead. He pushed it back gently and uncovered the tattoo that was hidden beneath, then lovingly traced the bold pattern with the tip of one finger.

The urge to move closer was irresistible, and Tom closed his eyes as he brought his head to rest against Chakotay's shoulder. He lay still, lost in the feel of the older man's warmth against his cheek, and it didn't register for a few moments that large, gentle fingers were smoothing and stroking his hair. When he finally became aware of them, he looked up to find the smiling, dark eyes of their owner gazing back at him.

"Trouble sleeping?" Chakotay asked in a whisper.

"Yeah," Tom whispered back. "I don't like being so far away from you. Y'know, with all this material in between us. I didn't mean to wake you up though, sorry."

"You didn't wake me, I couldn't sleep either. I was just trying some basic relaxation techniques to see if that would help. It didn't."

"I need to be next to you, Cha," Tom stated softly. "Really next to you."

"I need the same thing, Tom," Chakotay replied quietly. "But we mustn't use our link; we can't allow ourselves to get too carried away. We always do when we combine our minds as well as our bodies."

"I know, and I agree, but I really do need you." Tom insisted.

"Then come here," Chakotay whispered, and quietly unzipped his sleeping bag.

Tom did the same with his own, then moved swiftly into Chakotay's outstretched arms. He snuggled as close as he could, burying his head in his lover's neck as he was held in a tight embrace. Tom sighed as he repeatedly kissed the warm skin beneath his lips and felt gentle hands tracing circles on his bare back. It was this feeling of closeness that Tom had missed as he'd tried unsuccessfully to sleep, and now he eagerly awaited every welcome touch.

Chakotay's hand ran up and down his side, occasionally veering off to gently squeeze his growing erection. Tom gave a small groan and worked his own hand under Chakotay's shirt, his fingers running back and forth across the other man's firm stomach until he had Chakotay moaning softly.

Tom smiled against his lover's neck, then lifted his head. He turned his attention to Chakotay's mouth, licking and nipping gently before finally kissing him tenderly. As he continued to lovingly kiss the man's soft lips, he slowly rubbed his now rock-hard erection against Chakotay's side.

Chakotay groaned as he felt Tom move against him and he pulled Tom even closer. Tom deepened the kisses as his lover's strong hands gripped him around the waist and tugged. Chakotay manoeuvred them both until Tom was lying full-length on top of him, then grasped the younger man's cheeks possessively as he eagerly returned Tom's hungry kisses.

Chakotay's hands squeezed and stroked every accessible part of Tom's body before they finally moved towards Tom's waist and took hold of his pants. Tom wriggled as Chakotay pulled his pants down over his hips, then tugged them down further until they'd been removed completely. When they were gone, Tom set about the task of disposing of Chakotay's clothes.

He carefully worked the older man's shirt up first until it was bunched below his chin. He teasingly kissed, licked and nipped at every inch of newly-exposed dark skin, then roughly bit and sucked each of Chakotay's hard nipples.

Tom moved his attention to his lover's hands then, and took delight in sucking each of Chakotay's fingers into his mouth before he finally kissed his way up one arm and then the other.

By the time Tom finally pulled the shirt off and threw it to the floor behind them, Chakotay was breathing heavily and his fingers were alternately stroking and pulling atTom's soft, blond hair.

Tom eased Chakotay's pants off next, then bent forward to lightly kiss the tip of his lover's weeping erection. The older man's hands instantly tightened their hold on Tom's head as a wave of pleasure coursed through his body, and he frantically pulled his lover closer.

Tom nuzzled Chakotay's groin and thighs, then planted more and more soft kisses up and down Chakotay's aching penis. As the older man moaned quietly, Tom moved lower to gently suck and lick at his balls  before eventually turning his attention elsewhere.

Chakotay groaned with pleasure as he felt Tom's warm tongue travel downwards. A moment later it dipped between his legs and began to probe and force its way into his opening. A shiver ran through him as Tom's hot breath tickled his sensitive skin and he moaned a little louder. His surroundings were forgotten under his lover's sensual assault and the effect of his own soft cries went unnoticed by him.

A few feet away, Harry stirred and opened his eyes. Something had woken him but he wasn't sure what. He blinked a couple of times and his tired eyes searched the darkness until he finally found the cause of his interrupted sleep.

Harry froze and stared wide-eyed as the two men nearby continued with their lovemaking, completely oblivious to the Ensign's scrutiny. He desperately wanted to look away, but his gaze was fixed on the sight before him as firmly as if it was a fly trapped in a spider's web. He stayed motionless, his breathing so shallow it was almost non-existent, and he watched.

He watched as Tom carefully spread Chakotay's legs wide and then resumed his intimate caresses with his tongue. The younger man had his eyes closed as he licked and probed his lover's opening, and even in the dim light Harry could see that Tom's face was flushed with arousal.

Tom's hands were gently roving over Chakotay's hips and thighs and, combined with the sensations his other actions were provoking, he was  eliciting an almost continuous stream of soft moans and sighs from the older man.

A moment later his lover's sighs turned to a low groan as Tom slid one hand down towards his own mouth, moistened a finger with saliva and gently inserted into Chakotay's body.

Harry saw the finger disappear into the older man's hot channel, then watched as Tom slowly withdrew it before plunging it straight back in again. Chakotay raised his head from the ground, his lips parted and beads of sweat rolling down his face, as Tom continued to move his finger in and out with varying speed.

Chakotay groped desperately for Tom's head and pulled insistently until the younger man moved up towards his groin. He clutched at Tom's sweat-soaked hair and groaned loudly as his lover's lips finally closed around his erection.

Harry watched, stunned, as Chakotay began to pump slowly into Tom's mouth, his large hands holding Tom still as he moved steadily in and out. Chakotay closed his eyes as he continued to thrust for a few moments more and then he stopped.

Harry looked on as Chakotay moved his hands from Tom's head. The older man stroked Tom's face softly with the backs of his fingers, then dropped his hands to lightly grasp the younger man's shoulders.

He urged Tom to move upwards until his lover lay on top of him, noting as he did how both their bodies were glistening with sweat. Their erections met and as Tom groaned, Chakotay raised his head up to capture Tom's mouth with his own.

They kissed and caressed each other for a long time, and revelled in the feeling of warm skin sliding over warm skin. Chakotay's passion increased  with each of his lover's kisses, and he finally gripped Tom firmly and rolled him roughly onto his back.

As he covered the younger man's body with his own, Chakotay growled softly and nipped at Tom's neck and throat. He licked and kissed every inch of it, before once again teasing it with his teeth.

Tom moaned as Chakotay bit his neck a little harder, then harder again to mark him. He felt Chakotay's tongue gently licking the spot and he knew that his lover had drawn blood.

Tom moaned once more as Chakotay held his head and licked a trail to his mouth, then kissed him passionately. As the minutes passed and their mouths continued to meet again and again, both men remained unaware of their silent observer.

Harry lay immobile, unable to tear his gaze away from the two men. It was almost as though he'd been hypnotised and he had no choice but to continue watching. He couldn't believe what he was seeing, and although he wanted to move away or close his eyes, his body just wouldn't respond to his wishes.

He remained unmoving as Chakotay began to grind his erection more insistently against Tom's, their sweat-slicked bodies allowing the older man to glide almost effortlessly over his lover as their passion grew. And as the men's temperature rose too, Harry noticed faint clouds of steam starting to rise from their bodies into the cooler air that surrounded them.

He could smell their combined scent as it filled the small, enclosed space and it caused an unwanted reaction in his own body. He desperately tried to take his mind away from the events nearby, but the sights, sounds and smells were overwhelming. Harry could feel himself growing hard, his erection beginning to strain against his sleep-pants, but he was powerless to stop it.

As his body decided to betray him further, his hand crept down towards his groin and slipped inside his pants. His fingers closed tightly around his erection and, without conscious thought, he began to stroke himself in time with Chakotay's movements.

He kept his gaze riveted on the two other men, watching intently as a moment later, Tom reached back to fumble for his backpack. Chakotay realised what Tom was looking for and held the bag open for him as he rummaged through it. Tom smiled, then brought out a small tube from the pack and passed it to his lover. He laid back down and Chakotay quickly moved back over him, placing the tube on the floor next to them.

Chakotay returned his attention to Tom's neck and sucked at the mark that he'd made earlier, then began to nip and kiss his way down Tom's chest. He continued further, licking and kissing Tom's stomach until Harry heard Tom moan softly and make a whispered plea.

"Please, Cha," he begged as his hands moved to rest on Chakotay's damp hair. "Suck me."

Chakotay closed his eyes and nuzzled Tom's stomach, then edged his way slowly towards his lover's groin. Tom felt the warmth and wetness of Chakotay's tongue on his inner thigh as it licked slowly upwards to his balls, then dipped down again to lick at the entrance to his body.

Chakotay teased Tom with his wet caresses, then worked his way back up until his mouth closed around the tip of Tom's erection and he sucked gently.

"More. Please," Tom whispered insistently, and Chakotay complied, taking Tom in further.

Tom groaned as Chakotay's teeth scraped him lightly and a lubricated finger eased just inside him. He hadn't noticed Chakotay open the tube or even pick it back up, his mind only on his own desires and the sensations created by his lover's touch.

As one finger became two, Tom twisted himself over to lie on his front. Chakotay leaned forward, running his hands down Tom's sides and back before covering the same path with tiny kisses. He grasped Tom's pale cheeks with his hands and squeezed and massaged them before his fingers finally returned to Tom's opening.

Nearby, Harry watched as Chakotay pushed three fingers glistening with lubricant inside Tom's eager body. He heard Tom groan, then saw him push back as he tried to take the fingers in deeper. Chakotay lifted his other hand to Tom's hip and the younger man moved to his knees, leaning forward to rest on his elbows.

With the fingers of one hand still deep inside Tom's body, Chakotay used his free hand to squeeze some of the lubricant over his own erection. He closed his eyes as he spread the clear gel all over, thrusting into his hand a few times as he did.

Tom moaned loudly as he looked back over his shoulder and saw Chakotay stroking himself. The noise caused Chakotay to open his eyes and he moved forward to push his erection between Tom's thighs and rub teasingly against the younger man's balls.

"Cha, please!" Tom groaned, "I can't wait any longer. Do it now!"

Chakotay smiled and removed his fingers from Tom's body, replacing them immediately with the tip of his erection. He grabbed Tom's hips to still the younger man's movements, then watched himself as he slid slowly into his lover's body.

From his place a few feet away, Harry watched too.

The Ensign's hand mimicked Chakotay's gentle thrusts as the older man draped himself over his lover's back and moved within him. Harry's desire to turn away from the scene had fled as his own arousal had grown. Now, although he remained annoyed at his body's refusal to cooperate with his brain, he was too caught up in the other men's passion to fight the thrill of watching.

He gripped himself tightly as he noticed Chakotay's hands slide down Tom's body to fondle his balls. Tom moaned and pushed himself upright, coming to rest with his back against Chakotay's chest. He caught his lover's hands and guided one to his erection, then held it there as he began to thrust into it at the same pace that Chakotay was moving inside him. Chakotay's other hand remained on Tom's balls and continued its caresses while Tom's hand rested on top of it.

In the darkness, all three occupants of the small tent moved closer and closer to release; their movements synchronised as they edged towards their common goal.

Chakotay rested his forehead against Tom's neck as he increased his pace, his hot, panting breath sending a small shiver through Tom's body as it tickled his skin. Tom groaned and clutched tightly at Chakotay's hands as he pushed himself backwards, forcing his lover deep inside with every thrust.

Both men groaned, sweat trickling down them as Tom bent his head back to rest it on Chakotay's shoulder. Chakotay moved faster as he sensed Tom's climax approaching and, on the other side of the tent, their observer did the same.

Harry's breath came in short gasps as he struggled to remain quiet. His hand was moving rapidly now and he knew it would only be a matter of seconds before his orgasm overtook him. He stared across at the two other men, his gaze fixed on the sight of Chakotay's dark penis as it thrust hard and fast into Tom's pale body.

A moment later and Tom was crying out as he shuddered and erupted forcefully into his lover's hand and onto his own chest. As Tom's muscles clamped around him, Chakotay's climax hit immediately and he sank his teeth into Tom's shoulder as he came deep inside him.

Still unnoticed by either man, Harry came too; biting down hard on his lower lip to prevent himself from shouting out. He closed his eyes for a second as a small tremor ran through him, then returned his gaze to the other men.

Tom was laying down on his back now and Chakotay was kneeling alongside him. Both Harry and Tom watched as Chakotay raised his hand to his mouth and licked each of his fingers clean. He turned his attention to Tom then, and used his tongue to gently remove every trace of semen from his lover's body.

As soon as Chakotay was finished, Tom pulled him close and kissed him tenderly. The older man shivered as the chill of the night air hit his rapidly cooling body, and Tom broke away to fumble for their sleeping bags. When he found them he spread them out one on top of the other and the two men snuggled underneath. They held each other close and drifted off to sleep, as across from them, one wide-awake and very confused young ensign was left alone with his troubled thoughts.

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