April 2001
Who's the April Fool?   NC-17
"B'Elanna, look. I'm sorry, okay? How many more times do you want me to apologize?"

"Until you mean it, Tom."

Tom sighed, his face reflecting his exasperation. "That's it, B'Elanna. I've had enough. I think it's time to take a break from each other. It's over."

B'Elanna looked shocked for a split second, but covered it quickly. "Fine. I'll see you around then." And she stormed out of Tom's quarters.


The next morning, Tom received a note:  'Meet me in the holodeck at 21.00hrs. Wear something sexy - I'll be waiting  (no comm badge, let's not be disturbed!)'    

He smiled. B'Elanna must have forgiven me, he thought. For the rest of the day he wondered what B'Elanna had in store for him.

At 20.55 he left his quarters, dressed in the tightest blue jeans he could squeeze into and a white silk shirt, open at the neck. No comm badge.

He arrived at the holodeck and entered. He was in an extravagantly furnished bedroom, a large four-poster bed with flimsy white drapes, standing in the centre of the room. Next to the bed, standing on a wooden table, was an ice-bucket containing a very large bottle of champagne, and, beside it, two tall glasses.

Tom decided that, as B'Elanna hadn't arrived yet, he would get comfortable on the bed while he waited. He lay down and closed his eyes as his head sank down into the soft, fluffy pillows.

It was only a few moments later that he heard the door swish open but he kept his eyes shut as he waited for B'Elanna to find him.

"Paris!" came an unmistakable voice. "What are you doing here?"

Tom's eyes shot open as he sat up, and he stared at the First Officer, noting, as he did, the man's outfit; tight black jeans and a black silk shirt. (no comm badge!)

"Chakotay! What do you mean, 'what am I doing here?' What are you doing here?"

Chakotay sighed. "I had a note this morning asking me to come here. I know it's April 1st. but I thought I'd take a chance that it wasn't a joke. I might have known you'd have something to do with it."

Tom looked puzzled. "I had a note as well, I thought it was from B'Elanna. It looks like someone caught both of us."

Chakotay snorted. "A pair of fools, huh?"

"Yeah, looks like. Still, there's a bottle of bubbly here. Want to join me in a drink?" he grinned.

"Sure, why not? Might as well get something for our troubles." Chakotay grinned back.

They sat side by side on the bed as Tom poured the champagne. They clinked glasses, and enjoyed their free drink.

"Another one?" Tom asked when Chakotay had drained his glass.

"No, I think I'll head home now. I'll see you tomorrow," he said, and walked to the door. It didn't open. "Computer, open the holodeck door." There was no response. "It looks like we've been locked out, and locked in. We're stuck here until our practical joker let's us out."

"Might as well have another drink then." Tom suggested as Chakotay rejoined him on the bed.

They were half-way down the bottle when Chakotay decided to kick off his shoes and socks and lay down. Tom followed suit. He tried to get comfortable but his jeans were just too tight.

"I hope you don't mind, but I've got to take these off, they're killing me."

"Go ahead. I think I'll do the same. They're not made to stay on this long, are they?" Chakotay grinned as they pulled their jeans off and lay back down.

"Much better," Tom sighed, looking over at Chakotay. "Mmm, silk boxers eh?" he asked, with a cheeky grin.

"Yeah, they feel nice on," Chakotay smiled "Want to feel?" he teased.

"Yeah," Tom replied, accepting the challenge.

He leaned over and ran his hand over Chakotay's silk-clad thigh. He swallowed heavily. "They do feel nice." he said softly, as he looked intently at the older man's face.

Chakotay gazed steadily back. "What do yours feel like, Tom?" he asked, quietly. "Can I find out?"

"Be my guest," Tom answered, still holding Chakotay's gaze.

Chakotay gently stroked Tom's brushed-cotton shorts. "Soft," he said, still stroking.

"Mmm," Tom replied as his eyes closed.

Chakotay let his hand slip to the skin of Tom's thigh and caressed it. "Very soft," he murmured. His fingers travelled up and under the leg of Tom's shorts, which looked a lot fuller than they had earlier, as did Chakotay's.

Tom moaned softly and opened his eyes. "Don't stop," he whispered.

Chakotay knelt next to Tom and took hold of the waistband of his shorts, carefully sliding them down and off. He ran his fingers seductively up and down Tom's silk-covered chest. "Soft here, too," he breathed, and he began to unbutton the shirt.

"Oh, God," Tom muttered as hands caressed his bare chest, the shirt hanging open at his sides.

Chakotay stroked his way slowly up Tom's neck to his cheek. "You're soft all over, Tom," he whispered. "Except for one place."

Tom groaned loudly as a hand closed around his erection and he thrust into it. "Please, Chakotay," he begged.

Chakotay leaned over and touched his lips to Tom's in a gentle kiss, which soon became more. Tom slipped a hand behind the older man's head, working his fingers through the soft hair, and pulled him in closer as he ran his other hand across the silk on Chakotay's back. Chakotay moaned and shifted to lay full length on top of Tom.

It was Tom's turn to moan now as the First Officer's erection, still covered by silk boxers, rubbed gently, but insistently, against his own. It was a wonderful feeling, both men thought as things started to become a little more urgent.

Tom pulled roughly at Chakotay's shorts, eager now to feel skin on skin. He slid them off and threw them aside. He quickly unbuttoned the black silk shirt, and disposed of that the same way. His own shirt came off then and was flung away too. Much better, they both thought, as warm flesh slid against warm flesh and hot lips pressed against hot lips. Tongues entwined, as Chakotay placed a hand either side of Tom's head and held him still. They kissed passionately, both giving as good as they received, as their soft moans filled the room.

Their movements became wilder as they felt the heat building inside them. Tom tightened his grip on Chakotay's hips and moaned loudly, his head thrown back as Chakotay nipped at his throat. They moved together frantically, approaching their goal. Then, as one, they came with a loud roar. They lay panting then, holding on to each other as they descended from the heavens.

"God, Chakotay,"Tom eventually murmured. "That was great. No joke."

"We're not April Fools then?" Chakotay asked, smiling.

"Yes, we are," Tom answered. "We're fools for not doing that years ago!"

Chakotay grinned. "I agree," he said, and gave Tom a lingering kiss. He stopped abruptly. "What about B'Elanna?"

"I told her yesterday it was finished. I know I thought she was going to be here tonight, but I'm really glad she wasn't. I've never felt this good with her."

"So, do you want more?"

"Yes, Chakotay. I want lots more. Starting with the rest of tonight!"


The next morning, B'Elanna and Harry were seated together in the mess-hall with Neelix standing next to the table.

"So you locked them in the holodeck together?" Harry asked, wide-eyed. Neelix looked shocked.

"Yep. Tom really got on my nerves. He told me it was over. Can you believe that? So I thought I'd pay him back. I made him spend the night with the one person who annoys him more than Tom annoys me," B'Elanna answered smugly.

"Morning guys." Tom smiled at the group as he and Chakotay took adjacent seats at the table.

"Have a good night, Tom?" B'Elanna asked nonchalantly.

"Yes, actually. We had a great night," Tom answered as he and Chakotay shared a smile. "And I'd really like to thank whoever played that practical joke on us."

"Well, it was me," B'Elanna admitted proudly.

"Then, thank you, B'Elanna. Because of you, Chakotay and I have decided to get together."

"Tom, it's not April Fool's day any more. You can't play jokes today. So, I'm not a fool, *you* are."

"I'm not joking, B'Elanna. This is for real. Chakotay and I are now a couple, and it's all down to you. Thank you."

Neelix stood totally bemused, not having followed the conversation very well, and he looked directly at B'Elanna as he asked seriously, "So, *now* who's the April Fool?"

The end!

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