April 2002

A quick drabble brought on by having my e-mail account 'hijacked'!

Captain, my Captain.

"Chakotay? I'd like a word with you."

"Yes, Captain?"

"What the hell's this message about?"

"'Fuck me, O Captain of my heart.' What the hell... ? This isn't from *me*."

"Well, it has your name on it, and it originates from the terminal in your quarters...."

"So I see. But I promise you I know nothing about it. I'd never write anything that crude. Who would?"

"Yes, indeed. Who would?"



"Hi, Cha. Get my invitation?"

"Invitation? Oh, hell! That message was from you? Tom. You sent it to the Captain."

"Oops. Sorry. Finger must've slipped."

"Stop laughing. Go apologise."

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