Tiiraen Kordashi
Tiiraen Kordashi
"I have never met a gun I didn't like..."

Name: Tiiraen Kordashi


Homeworld: Vejitasei

Residence: Disdera

Gender: Male

Birth Date: 2596 PKP

Height: 2 Meters

Weight: 85.6 Kilograms

Religion: Kritiiastem

Languages: Tairran, Shorchla Common, Sedashizozet, and English

Class:Pilot, and Engineer

Abilities: Energy Manipulation, Limited Shape Shifting, and Psionics

Description: Tiiraen is rather tall and well muscled for his size, unremarkable but for the strange scars that mark most of his body. His face, vaguely handsome, is scarred over both eyes and twice beneath his hairline along his forehead. His black hair is about shoulder length and parts along the scars that run from his forehead to the back of his head. In his Oozaru form Tii retains the scars on his face, though the others are not evident beneath his fur. Much like his mate, Tiiraen’s tail is about as long as he is tall.
Tii usually wears casual clothes, and almost always has both a hat and sunglasses on. He also wears two silver bands on either arm above his wrist; both are plain, and not of nomadic make. Tii’s tail is pieced and run through with ten gold rings, but besides these Tiiraen does not wear the traditional ornaments of his clan, nor does he often wear the ceremonial paint.

Personality:Tiiraen is typically not the kind of person that most would want to associate themselves with. He is snappish and generally wants to be left alone. Tii, when angered, does not hesitate to kill whoever is bothering him, and he has a way of getting in with the wrong crowd. Touchy about his appearance, Tiiraen often gets into fights, and will hold a grudge until he can beat his opponent down. In most situations, however, Tii simply ignores those around him.
Tiiraen does have another side, one that surfaces when he is with his family. During these times, Tii seems to be just about as carefree as his mate. He loves Aireona and his children, and can be extremely protective of them, though, for the most part, he just enjoys having fun. Tiiraen is also very smart. His tactical skills are almost unmatched, and his strange love for machinery has put him in with the top engineers of the F.A.

History: Tiiraen was born to the leading family of the First Branch clan. With about the respect of a prince, the boy was raised to lead. Everything in his life was as it should have been, until his parents were murdered. In the dark of night, the evil Sortauros attacked the First Branch camp and took Tii and his parents captive. Within a week Tiiraen’s mother and father were dead and he was being shipped off to some collector in the outer galaxy.
Beaten down, and depressed the young male was forced to learn a new way of life. As Tii became more withdrawn and submissive, he began to plan his escape. It took months... the planning, but he was sure it would work, it was fool proof. Tiiraen became so sure of his escape that he even began planning his attack on Sortauros, his revenge. But then his owner went bankrupt.
Tiiraen was sold again. And he simply ceased to exist. He has kept these memories to himself, with the obvious exception of Aireona, and little else is known about his years with this new owner. He gained his scars during this time, and met a Higens Sandpusher, a man whom Tii admits acted as a father to him. This man freed Tiiraen by giving up his own freedom for the boy’s. Tii would never forget that.
The boy was sent to the Frindorga Drift Station upon gaining his freedom. There he met a male Cadaroon named Rindasha, a Siishkiion male called Turtii, and a female Huond by the name of Tiyuho. The four of them became close friends, and aided each other in surviving on the hostile station. They saved their money and bought a ship as soon as they could and took off.
The group wandered for sometime until they were hired as bounty hunters by the planet lord Fuighih. Successful in their mission, Tii and his companions became full time bounty hunters. Ratings rose for the band as they worked their trade, and Tiiraen was occupied with this work for several years.
Then Rindasha betrayed them all, traded their location in for money to the Sorchla Federation Police. Tiiraen was arrested along with Turtiia and Tiyuho, and all of them were brought to trial. His friends sentenced to execution, Tii was exiled to the planet Earth for his specie’s rarity.
It took him time to get over the great loss, but Tiiraen found work as an engineer for a growing company and settled into the new way of life. It was infuriatingly boring, but it was Tii’s existence for several years until he ran into none other than Aireona.
When he first met the female, Tii hated Aireona; she was the most annoying person he had ever met. He really would have tried to kill her, he was like that at the time, but before he had the chance to fight with her, Rindasha turned up. With a new band of cohorts, the Cadaroon hoped to capture Tiiraen and sell him to their former employer, Fuighih. Aireona, who was certainly against such things, helped Tii and the two of them were able to wound Rindasha and kill his men.
After that Tiiraen changed his mind about Aireona, and they became friends and soon after, mates. Together they started a company, Tii’s idea, much like the one that he had been working at for the past couple years, and with his devotion and F.A. funding their technology was the most advanced in the world.
After some years, Aireona became pregnant and had twins, Keii and Oeras. Tii, who had rarely been around children, was enthralled my his offspring and became very close to the both of them. Then one day Oeras and he were out in the woods, playing some game that his son had come up with, and Tiiraen met with Rindasha for the last time. The traitor murdered Oeras and would have killed Tii, but by that point Tiiraen was enraged and uncontrollable. He killed Rindasha and returned home to share the news with his mate.
Heartbroken, Tiiraen ceased his work and fell into depression. The family would sit together in silence for long hours, mourning the loss of Oeras, and if it wasn’t for the sudden and unexpected arrival of a Yaddasun named Raererte the family might not have healed. Tiiraen did not take to the newcomer the way that Airy did, but after sometime he too allowed Raererte to become part of his family.
Tii was hired by the Federational Alliance as a ship captain, and for the first time in years he returned to space. It was a new sensation, not having to run all of the time, and besides his engineering on Earth, there was nothing that he loved better. Keii and Raererte followed their mother and father into the F.A., and Aireona had another set of twins, Amaesera and Socroyu.
The two of them left the F.A. to raise their children, and once again things settled down for Tii. When their children were older, however, Aireona disappeared after being called into space in search of Keii and Raererte. Tiiraen wanted to follow after his mate, but he could not leave Amaesera and Socroyu. Aireona returned, but she was different; something had happened to Tii’s mate and he was bothered greatly by it.
The two of them moved to Disdera before Keii and Raererte’s mating ceremony and remained there until their death.

Other Stats
Strength: 40
Dexterity: 36
Constitution: 26
Intelligence: 31
Wisdom: 25
Charisma: 30
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral


Erensid Tuikjo
Sadii Kordashi
Caretaker: Higens Sandpusher (M)
Bond: Bonded Pendezapro at Star City
Mate: Aireona Tinvae
Blood Relation
Oeras (Deceased)

Raererte Sontilys(M)

Theme Song: “Spirit Dreams Inside” Lyrics By hyde

Author’s Note: Tiiraen, much like Aireona, has gone through a variety of shapes and names, though he is not nearly as old as Aireona is. He was really created for Aireona... thought that she was lonely, and heck, I can’t have my favorite charrie going without kids. From there Tii was fun to work with... He really contradicts Aireona’s personality most of the time, but on the inside he is a lot like her. They are fun.



Main Character In:
Tiiraen's Bonding
Breath of the Moon
The Somnium
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Sorrow Fades
Stained Vengeance

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