Pree Ake Asant
Pree Ake Asant
"People are here to disappoint me..."

Name: Pree Ake Asant

Species: Dark Tecii

Homeworld: Aa'Rizon

Residence: Cull-10

Gender: Female

Birth Date: 2610 PKP

Height: 4.3 Meters

Weight: 1,018.3 Kilograms

Religion: None

Languages: Sedashizozet, EdgeSpace Speech, Cullian, and Common

Class: Cull-10 Prime Minister

Abilities: None

Description: Pree is a rather typical Dark Tecii, without any notable mutations, or colorations. She is of a healthy build, with a lithe body and long legs. Most of her body is a dull brown, though her face and belly are spotted with a watery green shade, and she has some random red markings around her eyes. Her wings, which are thin and well rounded, are a vibrant blue, unmarked but for some pink dappling along her wing tips. Pree’s toxic tissues, which run down her sides from the top of her neck to a little down her tail in round orb like protrusions, are of a dangerously bright green and appear smoother than the rest of her skin. Her spikes are of general placement as well, running down her spine, chest, and forelegs.
She has a long face, though her jaw line is wide enough to make her visage appear as severe as her personality makes her. Her four antennae are gracefully thin, and despite her powerful look, Pree’s nose and mouth have a stately appearance, both thin and dainty for her kind. Her double set of eyes, glinting often with a permanent sneer, are a poisonous yellow, slitted and expressive.
The rest of her quadruped body is well muscled and almost unscared but for a few small symbols cut into her right wrist and an old Federation tattoo which she never bothered to remove from her left shoulder. Her supple three bladed tail has also been altered some, the two outer blades having been carved out to form a rippled surface. All three of her blades have also been gold plated at their tips to match her jewelry. Hardly seen without her adornments, Pree’s usual assortment includes, two antennae rings, ten wing piercings, four bracelets, and eight tail rings, all of gold. She also tends to wear a leather utility harness which may be used to carry anything from weapons to currency.

Personality: Surprisingly, Pree’s most defining trait is not her willingness to take other’s lives, but her long standing distrust of anyone and everyone. Most of her quirks and bad manners can be found to stem from this. It not only desensitized her against bloodshed, but forces her to remain mostly solitary. Not that Pree is to be mistaken for any kind of hermit, she is not afraid of people, not unwilling to be in close proximity with others, she simply has no friends, and does not want or seem to need them. If it weren’t for her lust for power, Pree might find no reason to deal with others at all... but once again, her lack of faith makes her uncomfortable, and only when she is in control can she relax, thus she is constantly greedy for more strength, politically and physically. Pree is not beyond working with people for money, however, as she believes money to be one of the very few things that can actually make another being trustworthy, even if it is only for a little while.
Even though her untrusting nature is something of a scapegoat for Pree, she is still a dangerous creature. Life has no real meaning to her, and since she was but a young creature, killing has not been a problem. She does what she must to get things done, to survive, and if that means she has to take someone else out, she will have no qualms. She even seems to enjoy the act at times... though these are of the more rare sort, killings spurned by some of her long lived grudges.
However, Pree is a logical being, despite her short comings. It is her analytical nature which has allowed her to develop in the way that she has, it has allowed her to persevere in the face of discouraging odds. She is constantly weighing the options, always considering other paths, or plotting the moves of her enemies. She enjoys thought, really, and utilizes it well. The only apparent illogical quirk that Pree has seems to be her overwhelming fear of storms and clouds, which grew from her experience on 11-0C. That aside, she seems to fear little, and care for less. She is extremely adaptable, and learns things quickly.

History: Pree was born into a world torn by war and death, but as a young Dark Tecii no one could have guessed that she would become as dangerous as she did. Her parents were very respectable creatures, known for their diplomatic manners and political know how, and the sole Dark Tecii ambassadors to the known universe. As much as they could have been they were good parents to Pree and her twin brother, Zerre, but Pree’s life was never very comfortable. Her twin and she were always an anomaly, the first Dark Tecii citizens to the Federation, and the only know Dark Tecii to have been raised in the F.A. It was not just the strange fascination that many seemed to have for her brother and her, that often made Pree self-conscious and untrusting, but her parent’s unconnected lifestyle, which dragged their children from one edge of the Federation to the other. Having little time to make any good friends outside of her family, Pree relied heavily on her kindred, trusting them with her care and safety... with her happiness. She taught herself at a very young age to let go of joys which she could not have, she learned to let go of the things which she figured could hurt her, and her family did not become one of those things until they arrived on the outpost planet 11-0C.
The place seemed to be exceedingly calm and boring for most of its long year, but when the monsoon season came the world took part in a horrific transformation. Skies dark with violent storms, monstrous creatures befell the outpost settlement within which Pree and her family had been staying. Panic struck the compound as soon as the animals attacked, and the Ake Asants were left behind with a small group of permanent residents when the evacuation transports were launched half empty. Pree, being too young to do much else, was forced to stand by and watch as, in a matter of days, their companions were picked off and eaten by the rampaging monsters. The experience changed the Dark Tecii, instilling upon her a deep hatred for her own weakness, and leaving her untrusting of anyone but her best friend and twin. But even their bond was not to last, as within a year of their escape from 11-0C Pree’s new home, a small colony on the secondary world of the 22D system, came under Siisakoo attack. The warring species had, apparently, made an agreement with the governor of the settlement, a being named Kallri, for the lives of the Dark Tecii twins. The Siisakoo had discovered the violent past of Pree’s people, and seeing an opportunity to get a hand up in the war they had hoped to get their tentacles on the young corruptible Tecii. Kallri, hoping to save his outpost, could do nothing against the creatures when they threatened him with their unbelievably powerful invasion cruisers.
On the day that that the trade had been arranged, a Federation holiday called kiirre sti, Pree and her twin disappeared. A rather interesting twist of fate, the little female Dark Tecii had simply snuck out of the compound on her own, and when her brother followed after her, they left Kallri with no bartering tools, and Siisakoo, angry at his failure to uphold his side of their bargain, attacked the outpost. As the great ships prepared to land on the flatlands of the Federation colony, Pree and Zerre returned to their home and seeing the massive ships taking up the entire sky, they rushed to tell the settlement of the impending assault, which had not been noticed by the others due to the celebrations of the day. Returning, Pree left her brother to inform Kallri of what had occurred, not suspecting that he had already known about the Siisakoo, not knowing that the man had been planning on handing her over to the evil aliens. In a moment of pure despair, the male told her of his plan and blamed her for the destruction which had fallen on them. Horrified, Pree retreated to her parents quarters where she found them dead.
Thinking that they had been murdered, the female Dark Tecii surrendered herself to rage and killed the being who had shot her parents in a fit of instinctual fury. She was not aware that their deaths had been voluntary, that her mother and father had known that the Siisakoo had wanted Dark Tecii specimens and had asked a friend to sacrifice them... but in the end she wouldn’t have cared. The little female lost herself in the fierce genetic programming of her kind, and after ending the life of her parent’s killer she found herself wanting to kill her brother and closest friend. She was stopped, however, when the cavern system beneath the Federation outpost collapsed under the weight of the Siisakoo ships, and she was trapped beneath the rubble.
Rescued from the disaster a few days later, Pree was reunited with her brother and sent to live with a foster parent. Discovering that Kallri had survived the incident as well, Pree suspected her caretaker of being in on the governor’s plan and she broke into the woman’s private rooms to search for evidence of a connection between the two people. The foster caught the Dark Tecii in the act, but when the female attempted to kill Pree her life ended. Zerre found Pree standing over the dead body their foster, and not knowing what had happened, believed his sister to have gone insane. Tackling her brother, Pree fled the Federation on the ship of an outworld spacer, never to know that her innocence was proved shortly after her disappearance, when Kallri was found to be Siisakoo controlled.
After a short jump out of Federation territory, Pree’s journey ended when the ship that she was traveling on was gunned down over the class-C EdgeSpace planet Cull-10. Barely surviving the crash landing, the Dark Tecii was cared for by one of the planet’s natives until she was in good health. Despite this apparent good will, the Cull-10 people tried to enslave Pree, and use her against their ES rulers. However, Pree soon learned to hate the overlords of the planet on her own, and joined in the struggle against them willingly. During this time, the female climbed the ranks of the rebellion, and when Cull-10 was freed she found herself accepting leadership of the planet. She was good at what she did and she cared for those she commanded, but with the faltering resources of the planet, Pree was forced to resort to drastic measures in order to save her new people.
The Dark Tecii soon became the most infamous crime lord of EdgeSpace, and with all of Cull-10 behind her, it was a well deserved title. Things seemed to be leveling out in her life at this point, as much as they could anyway, amid the constant adventure of her illegal activities, and it wasn’t until her second-in-command was murdered that Pree’s existence was once again changed. Seeing that she was in danger, Pree’s people insisted that she leave for sometime until they could find the killer, and she did, not resenting the chance to get out of EdgeSpace for sometime.
Wanting to stay out of Federation territory, the Dark Tecii and her fleet journeyed along the boarders of the Alliance until they came upon an organization of outworlds called the Nexus. It was here that she ran into a childhood friend Pendezapro and it was with his unwitting help that her newest plot began to bloom.

Other Stats
Strength: 57
Dexterity: 49
Constitution: 38
Intelligence: 35
Wisdom: 15
Charisma: 41
Alignment: Neutral

Breed Image

Zerre Ake Asant

Drell Chirca Cua
Torill Hi Tan Tain
Tessi Chirca Cua
Sirri Ake Asant
Baol Ide Ock
Lilne Ake Asant
Caretakers: Mariti Quelln (F) -Deceased-
Bond: None

# Location Chasers Pre-Flight Flight Winner Hatching
1 Aanu'Sil Breeding Giveaway:
Clutch One
None None Pehtaeo None

Blood Relation
Ren Ake Asant

Brill Ake Asant
Deswin Ake Asant
Khia Ake Asant
Pia Ake Asant

Theme Song: "Dum Diddly" by the Black Eyed Peas

Verse: “Now it is required that those who have been given a trust must prove faithful.” 1 Corinthians 4:2

Pree and Zerre...

Main Character In:
Trust Losing
Rated PG13 for violence.


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