Name: Ilcri'Myay
Gender: Female
Breed: Geperna/Whorling/Featherdragon/Old World/Danachian/SCD/Iullerbrillan Mutt
Colour: Black (With red stripes)
Size: Medium-Large (15' tall, 30' long)
Abilities: Verbal Speech, Regeneration, Red Fyre
Basic Personality: Protective, Very Loyal

Caretaker: Illiyh
Gender: Male
Species: Bird Anthro
Appearance: A red-winged blackbird, but standing upright, like a human. He has bird-like feet and human-arms, but his feathers sprouting from his elbows that reach up to twelve inches in length. He's covered in a thick coat of downy black feathers, and has red spots on the outside part of the heel of both wrists.
Basic Personality: Refined, Elegant, Musical!
Brought In From: Dray's Black, White and Red Giveaway
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