Erra Diemicana-Pariyani
Erra Diemicana-Pariyani

"You traveled through space to get here? That's the kind of thing I want to do."

Name: Erra Diemicana-Pariyani
Name Meaning: "To wander."
Sponsored by: Seektalon
Gender: Female
Breed: Avengaean Fire/Light Crossbreed
Hatchling Height: 2'8"
Adult Height: ?
Colour: White-Red
Personality: Erra had itchy feet from the moment she broke her shell. She's only really happy when she's on the move and seeing new places, though she does like having a safe, warm home base to return to. Even if she can't stand to stay there for too long, she's reassured knowing she always has someplace she can fall back to.
Abilities: Body-Heat Control. Functional Magic. Psionics (Telepathy, Teleportation). Shapeshifting (Human). Verbal Speech.
Cyborware: Erra will receive a Cyborware Token upon adulthood.
Brought In From: The Abstract Destiny

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