Name: Bysynth
Gender: Male
Breed: Old World/Danachian/SCD/Iullerbrillan Mutt
Colour(s): White (black and red stripey points)
Size: Medium (14' tall, 28' long)
Abilities: Verbal Speech, Limited Telepathy, and Teleportation
Personality: Bysynth isn't /quite/ bipolar, though he tends to have moments that seem rather unusually hormonal. Usually he's quite happy and cheerful, but once in a while he can get really, really down.

Name: Naysus
Gender: Male
Species: Dragon (Character-dragon, not from stock! Do with what you like!)
Abilities: Super-sight and fire breath
Appearance: Smaller then Bysynth, hide is composed of brilliant yellow and sapphire scales. Its eyes are black and its wings, well, they're yellow and edged with black. This dragon looks a lot like a tiger swallowtail butterfly (In other words, he's really, really cool looking! :D)
Personality: If anyone wants to know who 'wears the pants' in this draconic bond-ship, they have only to listen to Naysus. He's argumentative and and willing to go to great lenghts to make his point--to other people. With Bysysnth he seems to be a fount of caring patience... especially when the orange is feeling depressed.

Brought in From Dracothrope's Black, White, and Red Clutch (Generation Three)
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