Name: Bri-ka
Gender: Female
Fur Color/Markings: Light Yellow with Pink/Green/Blue stripes
Spike/Plate Color: Mustard-yellow
Eye Color: Light Blue
Abilities: Burning mist breath, Conjure Mirror Image (Self), Create Solid Rainbows
Hatchling Height: 4
Hatchling Length: 6 from nose to tailtip
Hatchling Weight: 150 lbs
Personality: Bri-ka loves to use her abilities. She works hard to improve them, practicing for hours each day. Her mirror images are not yet solid and are rather see-through, but her solid rainbows can hold her weight, and she's more than willing to use them as bridges and ladders to reach things she can't reach alone - like treats on the top shelf.
Brought in From: Schattarneki Giveaway
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