Aomi'Kasui Taelaanaa
Aomi'Kasui Taelaanaa

"I don't wanna turn into a wolf, too!"
Name: Aomi'Kasui Taelaanaa
Bonded to: Grey
Gender: Female
Species: Multi-Hybrid (Dragon / Guardian Kirin / Whorling / Wris'Talora)
Hatchling Height: 1'6" to head
Adult Height: 15'0" to shoulder
Color: Green
Element: Water/Ice
Personality: Aomi'Kasui is the kind of person who often ends up a trusted confidant to their dearest friends. She is loyal to the end and never betrays a confidence she has been entrusted with. Promises made are promises kept, and she does everything she can to help her friends whenever they need her.
Abilities: Breath Weapon (Water). Elemental Immunity (Water/Ice). Grow Plantlife (Vines). Telepathy (color/emotion/image only). Verbal Speech.
Cyborware: Aomi'Kasui will receive a cyborware token upon adulthood.
Brought in From: The Abstract Destiny
Hatchling Image

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