"Sand In The Whirlwind" - a review of Khyber Pass Games' simulation of the Anglo-Senussi Campaign

by Chris Ferree

The Anglo-Senussi Campaign took place in Egypt from December of 1915 to the following March. The Senussi, Lybian feudal troops backed by Turkey, invaded western Egypt in an attempt to stall British operations in Palestine. The British fielded a force cobbled together at the last minute to stop the invasion.

In the "Sand In The Whirlwind" the fast and maneuverable, yet somewhat weak, Senussi are pitted against the plodding and hard-hitting British. The Senussi's ability to dart in and out and essentually chose its fights verses the British firepower makes for an interesting and fun game. Airplanes, armoured cars, horse cavalry, screens, dummys, and supply are all represented the game.

The game itself comes in a ziplock bag with a full color title sheet that highlights the excellent quality of the components there-in. The artwork on both the counters and the map is superb. There is some assembly required, but this only amounts to folding over and glueing the double-sided counters and pasting together the two sheet map.

The rules are well written and easy to understand. Notes about some of the more unique rules are located with the rule and explain the characteristic of the campaign it represents. In this way, Kyber Pass has given the players a good understanding and feel for the problems they will encounter in play before their first game has been started.

"Sand In The Whirlwind" an excellent, fast playing game that I highly reccommend.

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