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National/Regional Colonial Histories

General British History

The British Empire
(Valuable site dedicated to all aspects, including arts and sciences, as well as military.)
The British Colonial Wars, 1797-1903
(Another recent site with loads of information for our period.)
19th Century British and Indian Armies
Land Forces Of Britain, Empire, And The Commonwealth
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South Africian History

Cape Frontier Wars Message Group

Rorke's Drift Victoria Cross Recipients
An excellent Zulu War Site!
Victorian Voices
Eyewitness accounts and newspaper reports from the Zulu War
The Anglo Zulu War
Written by Ian Knight, This site is not only about the Zulu War. It also contains loads of information about the history and culture of the Zulu people before and after the war. A real must see site!
(Part of a Tour Site associated with Ian Knight, this page is CRAMMED with information on South African battle sites and historical data.)
The Great Trek
(Site dedicated to the Boer Voortrekkers and their battles.)
The South African Military History Society

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Other National Histories

The King's Carbine - Nuno Pereira's guide to Portuguese colonial history
German Colonial Page
(The text is in German, but there are loads of pics.)
Ian Croxall's Morroccan History Page
(For those of you interested in the Red Shadow or colonial gaming in Morocco/Algeria)
Americans in the Egyptian Army

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Weapons And Fortifications

The Springfield Armory National Historic Site's Cyber Museum
(Invaluable resource on weapons for the Colonial Era, and others, with color photos and complete tech details. Important resource for early Machine Guns and Spanish-American War period weapons. Highly recommended!)
Research Reference Notes
(19th Century Military Firearms and British Military History described in contemporary technical articles. Excellent resource!)
Military Rifles In The Age Of Transition, 1865-1888
(Specifically dedicated to non-U.S. weapons)
The Grand Atlas Of 20th Century Spanish Artillery
(A marvelous resource, especially for 1898, but you'd better brush up your Espagnol as that's the only language they've got!)
Fortifications At Vladivostock
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Specific Campaigns

(Another fine site with tons of info on this most bizarre campaign.)
My God--Maiwand!
(An entire site dedicated to the battle with valuable contemporary sources.)
The 1871 U.S. Korean Campaign
(A neat little site with loads of contemporary newspaper and other accounts, with photos and uniform data.)
Shared Experience
(Part of the Shared Experience Homepage, this portion covers Mexican/Texican history with emphasis on the wars, including 1846-48 and others.)
The National Army Museum
Spanish-American War Centennial Website
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Naval History

H.M.S. Warrior Page
(Fascinating info and views of this remarkable Victorian Warship.)
The USS Vesuvius, Dynamite Cruiser
(The wierd experimental warship that flexed its muscles off Cuba in '98. Remarkable photographs and links to more data on The Great White Fleet.)
The Amazing Huascar
(An amazing site, in English, dedicated to the famous Peruvian warship with color photos of her restored appearance, and data on guns, etc., including some fabulous 3-D imagaes perfect for modelers. Inconceivable!)
Trenches on the Web - Timeline: 1870-1914 - The Austro-Italian Naval Race
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The Wild West

The Denver Public Library
(A useful collection of Wild West photos.)
The West
(The PBS Homepage for the Ken Burns Documentary with loads of photos and stories.)
The Wild West
The Wild West Skirmish Game Page
Jim Janke's Old West Page
Kansas Gunfighters
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General Military History

Military History site withinvaluable info on damn near everything!)
Mal. Wright's Battles And Research Page
(Australia's Premier Wargames And Military History site with invaluable info on damn near everything!)
Military History
(A remarkable resource for world military history. One of the BEST!)
The History Net
Victorian Military Miscellany
(Bob Cordery strikes again! Go and see some great photos with more to come!)
British Wargames' Wargames and Military History Search Engine
The University Of Texas On Line Map Library
(Article archives and more from the publishers of "Military History Magazine")
Savage & Soldier Online
(The best Colonial magazine that ever saw print--or internet reprint!)
Defence Journal- A monthly magazine for the Armed Forces of Pakistan
You can find some good history articles here!

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Victorian Flavor

Charles Booth's 1889 Descriptive Map Of London Poverty
(A remarkable, tiled, full color map, perfect for role-playing games or those jsut wishing more information about the great city at the height of our era.)
The Victorian Web Overview
Harappa--Glimpses Of South Asia Before 1947
(Photos, maps, artifacts, and more, especially for the era of the Raj. "Must see" for British India buffs!)
The Martin & Osa Johnson Safari Museum
(Located in Chanute, Kansas, it has artifacts, a library, and even films taken in Africa, Borneo, and the South Seas from 1910 to 1935.)
Around The World In The 1890's
(Photographs from the World Transportation Commission, 1894-96)
The Maneaters Of Tsavo
(The true story behind "The Devil In The Darkness" with great photos.)
Rajah Brooke And 19th Century Sarawak
(Your one stop shopping place for everything to do with the "White Rajahs", Dyaks, and The Dutch East Indies)
The Durbar
(Link for those with interest in the Sikhs and Sikhism.) \
Free Translation Services
Provides translations in several different languages

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Games And Accessories

Free Rules And Rules Development

Wargames World Hobbies
Wargames Worlds Hobby Site. Terrain & Miniatures Gallery, Projects, Game Reports, Free Products and much more! Fantasy & Historical
Free Colonial Wargame Rules Page
(Courtesy of the peripatetic Mr. Tim Peterson. Go Get 'Em!)
The Wargames Development Network
(A remarkable resource for all wargame designers and a must see to those so inclined.)

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Wargames Research

British Wargames' Wargames and Military History Search Engine
Mal. Wright's Battles And Research Page
(Australia's Premier Wargames And Military History site with invaluable info on damn near everything!)

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Specific Games

Tim's Pony Wars Page
The Old Moulmein Pagoda
(The Colonial Diplomacy Website)
Sir Peter In Darkest Africa - by James Stuht
The heretofore unknown explorations of that madabout, gadabout Sir Peter de G. as he bashes his way across the unknown reaches of the Dark Continent

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Wargame Accessories

Steel Navy - Ship Modeling Site
(The Web's Best Ship Modeling Site!)
Ian Croxhall's Warflags Page
(Beautiful work, and some nifty flags for Colonials use--Downloadable & Free!)

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General Wargaming Sites

Description of the Site: Wargames Worlds Hobby Site. Terrain & Miniatures Gallerys, Projects, Game Reports, Free Gaming Products and much more! Warhammer, Fantasy, Sci Fi and Historical periods covered.
The Universal General
A history of the early days of wargaming and reports on the author's "Afriborian Campaign". by Rudi Geudens
Major-General Tremordon Rederring's Colonial Wargames Site
(Most highly recommended! Come here for a breath of pure inspiration!)
Ed Allen's Colonial Wargaming Page
(The definitive list of all things pertaining to Colonial Wargaming.)
Savage & Soldier Online
(The best Colonial magazine that ever saw print--or internet reprint!)
Trevor's Colonial Wargames Page
Steve's Wargames Page
Bob Cordery's Colonial Wargames Page
(Check out this intricate fantasy campaign.)
Gisby's Page
(Tim Peterson's new and recently expanded site dedicated to Victorian Adventure Gaming with lots of supporting info.)
Web Grognards
THE Most comprehensive board wargaming site on the web today. Web Grognards provides senarios, errata, addendum and variants to almost every wargame ever produced; along with freebies, rules translations and links to every wargame manufacturer and producer in the known universe.
Want to keep up with what wargames titles are in production. Is Game "X" a hit or a bomb? Want to talk to over 6,500 like minded individuals on everything from Panzergruppe Guderian to SPQR? Then ConSimWorld (especially the discussion area) is the site for you!
Line of Departure
Line of Departure is a quarterly magazine dedicated to "professional-quality strategy and analysis articles, along with reviews, scenarios, variants, and expansions". They also have one Heck of a links page!

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Board Wargames

Kyber Pass Games
Exquisite board games produced by Andrew Preziosi, Dennis Bishop (both editors at By Jingo!), and Jesus Mateo (Author of the Battle For Baler series).
Web Grognards
THE Most comprehensive board wargaming site on the web today. Web Grognards provides senarios, errata, addendum and variants to almost every wargame ever produced; along with freebies, rules translations and links to every wargame manufacturer and producer in the known universe.

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Science Fiction And Alternative History Sites

20,000 Leagues - James Mason
A site about the Disney Classic

Plans and Pictures of the Nautilus
Website by Phil Broad

The Adventures Of Sir Peter de Gee Web Page
(James Stuht's own home page for his Darkest Africa adventures, beautifully illustrated with his work. One of Sir Peter's first adventures appears elsewhere in BY JINGO!, so go see what he's been up to!)
Radium League: The Future That Could Have Been
The Official Decline of Empire Webpage
(A fantasy game with wonderful ship models and information!)
Victorian Science Fantasy PBEM RPG
(A Victorian Era alternate history site emphasizing decidedly wizard 19th Century flying machines.)
The Mogdonazia Campaign
(Tod Creasy's fictional East African game, with full particulars.)
The Official Campaign For India
(A fictional campaign game with a good sense of time and place.)
The Peshawar Gazette
(The fictional derring-do of "McDuff To The Frontier"--Fun!)

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Commercial & Craft Resources

Amazon Miniatures
Manufacturers of 25mm Biblical, Ancient, Historical, Fantasy and Future Wars.
15mm Biblical, Acients, and ACW.
Microscale tanks and spaceships

And That's The Way It Was...
(High quality professional designers of historical dioramas with some beautiful examples. Go and drool!)
The Courier
The "Classic" American historical wargaming journal, now an excellent on line source as well.
Superior line of 20mm and 28mm wargame figures sculpted in Italy by Pier Paolo Triglia well representing Italian Colonial adventures in Africa (Abbyssinia, Libya, etc.), as well as both World Wars.
Model Designs & Craft
(Suppliers of figures, resin models and scenery (including a VSF range).
(The FREE resourse for Wargamers and Modellers. This site contains articles about figure design, terrain and building making and just about anything to do with tabletop gaming.)
The 19th Century Miniatures News Page
(Part of Bill Armintrout's professional Website with news and info on virtually everything to do with wargames and miniatures.)
Tim Peterson's "Unofficial" Foundry Site
(The last word in updates and free games, painting data, etc. for Foundry Products, as well as other links.)
The Foundry & Wargames Foundry OFFICIAL Website
(Thoroughly illustrated and loaded with free, downloadable rules and articles. Indispensable for Foundry customers.)
(10, 15, & 25mm Franco-Prussian War, and 15 and 25mm Crimean War Flags--and other goodies!)
(Manufacturer of white metal wargaming figures and equipment. See their new Colonial Era British Train and rolling stock! Gorgeous!)
Langley Miniature Models
(A British company selling beautiful 0 and 00 scale buildings and accessories for Victorian era street scenes, plus toy soldiers H.G. Wells would have envied!)
Sabrina Von Horn Studios
(Beautiful Adobe and Tiled type models, well priced! Go Look!)
POP Enterprises
(Another Brit with very good buildings for gaming and a good selection for the Darkest Africa range.)
Military Miniature Bookstore
(Excellent source for obscure books on all aspects of painting and modeling for wargamers and collectors.)
Kings X Toy Soldiers
(Exquisite collectible figures, not at all "toys"!)
Game Tech SPACE: 1889 Catalog
The RLBPSB Home Page
(Providers of Honorable Lead Boiler Suit Company miniatures and other products for Colonialists.)
Mania: Hot Lead! Index
MindSim Corperation's War Games 2000 CD
An overview of their excellent compilation of war game related material.
The London War Room
A wide selection of figures, buildings, terrain, and accessories.

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And, Lest We Forget,...

The Flashman Papers
The Royal Flashman Society
Flashman Society of the United Kingdom
(Probably the most outrageous site on this most outrageous cad!)
"McGonagall's Military Verse(collected and assembled by Bob Cordery)

And, finally, the very soul of our interests!
The Complete Kipling Site

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Some Highly Recommended Print Magazines

The Heliograph, Edited by Richard Brooks: Rt.6, Box 771, Saluda, SC 29138 (864) 445-3039 ( Subscriptions are $12 American, $15 Canadian, 15 Pounds (Airmail) Europe, 10 Pounds (Surface). The longest running Colonial newsletter currently in print (issue #108 just came out). Always full of the latest product news and reviews, it is as regular as Prussian clockwork and twice as reliable. A "must" resource for Colonial gamers everywhere! Check it out!

Back issues available from Mr. Robert W. Burke, Jr., 4726 Appaloosa Ct., Antioch, CA 94509. Prices are $1.50 per issue for issues 1-91; $2.00 per issue starting with #92. Issue #1 is free upon request with any order. Issue 79-80 is a double issue (counts as one issue for ordering) and there is no issue 96 (due to a numbering error).

Overseas orders should add an extra dollar per issue for Air Mail for issues #1-91, $2.00 per issue starting with #92. In the alternative, overseas customers can send £5.00 for every two issues. Overseas customers who are interested in ordering large numbers of back issues are welcome to contact me for a price quote on Air Mail postage.

There is a 10% discount on all orders of $20.00 or more of The Heliograph.

HELIOGRAPH INDEX: The Heliograph Index covers issues #1-60. The cost is $10.00, including postage. Overseas orders should add an extra $2.00 for Air Mail. Bob Burke

Savage & Soldier: The all time classic Colonial Hobbyist's magazine, now being reproduced on the Internet by former Editor, Milton Soong. Photocopies of back issues are available from Bob Burke. Cost is $2.75 per issue, which includes postage within the US. Overseas orders should add an extra dollar per issue for Air Mail to cover the cost of international postage. In the alternative, overseas customers can send £5.00 for every two issues.

Currently available are Volume 1, #1 to Vol. 24, #4, with the exception of Vol 1, #3 (Three free copies of any issues are offered for a copy of this missing issue). There are 4 issues per volume, with the following exceptions:

SPECIAL SAVAGE & SOLDIER ISSUE ON THE SUDAN: Photocopies of this special issue are also available. This issue included 4 color uniform plates. This issue costs $2.75 for black and white, or $7.50 for color.

ORIGINAL ISSUES: There are a limited number of original issues available. They include:

For a limited time only, each issues costs is $2.50. Photocopies of these issues will not be available while originals remain in stock. Original and good quality photocopies of Volumes 1-6 of Savage and Soldier (especially Vol 1, #3) are sought by Mr. Burke. He is willing to trade issues of Savage and Soldier or The Heliograph in exchange. E-Mail Bob Burke for details.

The Midwest Wargamer's Association Newsletter (MWAN), Edited by Hal Thinglum: 22554 Pleasant Drive, Richton Park, IL 60471. Subscriptions are $35 a year for six issues. The best general wargaming magazine in the U.S., unsurpassed for regular production, breadth of subjects, and editorial good sense. Almost every issue has modeling information, historical articles, and whole rules sets, many of which are directed to Colonials.

El Dorado Journal (The South and Central American Military Historians Society Quarterly) is printed in booklet form with stiff wraps and averages some fifty plus pages an issue. Departments include Book Search (a detailed listing of worthy South, Central, Latin American and Caribbean military titles), one or two uniform articles drawn directly from official "reglements" and several articles on military (including naval and aerial) conflicts ranging from circa 1775 to present. Along with several maps, the "highlight" of every issue are several pages of black and white line drawings, plates and uniform cut-aways from such noted military artists as C.A. Norman, Jose Belaguere and others.

El Dorado is the premier history magazine involving all subjects military in the America's. Recent and on-going articles include the "Spanish Defence of the America's" (so far in nine parts), "The Peru-Bolivian Confederation vs. Chile, 1837-39" (the precursor to the Great Pacific War and now in its fourth installment), "Imperial Brazilian Uniforms During the War of the Triple Alliance, 1866-70," and much, much more! Some back issues are still available and the "Best of El Dorado, Volume One" will be printed in the near future.

The Journal is Edited and Published quarterly by Terry Hooker. Available in the UK (L6.75) and Europe (L7.50) from him at #27 Hallgate, Cottingham, East Yorks, HU16-4DN. It is also available in the Americas from Paul V. Walsh (3412 Huey Ave, Drexel Hill, PA 19026-2311) for $25.00 (U.S.) and Pounds L12.50 (S.A.). El Dorado is also available through Magweb!

The Courier, the longest running "pro 'zine" in the United States, published quarterly, is lovingly edited by the one-the-only Dick Bryant. Its life long focus has been, and remains, HISTORICAL gaming and has always well served the Colonial Wargaming community (it was the original home of Dave Waxtel's classic campaign game system, The Sun Never Sets, among other things). Visit The Courier at its new Web Site, or write Dick at PO Box 1878, Brockton MA 02303 for subscription, back issue, and all manner of useful information.

...And finally, the primary archive for all "Print" wargame magazines on all topics (including Colonial/19th Century), created by the--literal--"Editor of Editors," Mr. Russ Lockwood...MagWeb!

Imagine finding back issues of gaming magazines on-line where you can down load the text and complete graphics of any of the magazines that you might be starving for in your collection. Whoda thunk someone would thunk of it! It's a masterful notion, and the folks there should be pounded roundly on the back for thinking of doing it for us gamers.

For a modest sum you can have access to all of the 57 magazines and thousands of articles, maps, uniform drawings, illustrations, orders of battle, and more that feed our ever-burning hunger for "game stuff" Not only are there all the articles in the issues of the 'zines, but none of the ads. The editorial staff there is also busy knocking out articles themselves including battlefield tours, sample book chapters, news, book and game reviews, and historical summaries. All this is yours for $5.00 a month. One of the nice things about these guys is that they turn some of that money back to the magazines they have on-line, so they can afford to stay in business and provide us all with hours of pleasure and tons of gaming information. This is a Five-Star Premium Site for any gamer - Check it out! (Reviewed by Staff Editor Scott Saylors.)


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Let us also call to your attention Wargame Developments (WD), a group of like-minded wargamers dedicated to developing wargames. It is a non-commercial organisation, and its aims are:

Wargame Developments was founded in 1980, and since then it has pursued its aims in several different ways. These include:

  1. Running an annual conference (COW - formerly the Conference Of Wargamers and now know as the Course fOr Wargamers).
  2. Publishing a regular journal (The NUGGET) that is sent to all members nine times per year.
  3. Putting on participation games at major wargames shows in the UK in order to demonstrate the sort of developments in wargaming that are being undertaken by members of WD.
  4. Supporting groups of members who are working together to develop particular ideas and concepts (e.g. Megablitz--a set of operational level rules for twentieth century warfare--and Matrix Games).

Anyone who has an active interest in developing wargaming can join Wargame Developments. The current cost of the annual subscription is: £16.00 - UK, BFPO, and Europe £24.00 - Rest of the World (Please add £5.00 conversion charge if paying in any currency other than £Sterling) and the subscription year runs from August to August.

To join WD send a cheque, International Money Order, or Postal Order - made payable to Wargame Developments - with your name and address to: Wargame Developments, 84, Eglinton Hill, Shooters Hill, London, SE18 3DY, UK If you would like to have further information about Wargame Developments and its activities, write to the address shown above or send an e-mail to Wargame Developments.

If you are writing for further information about WD, enclose a stamped and self-addressed envelope or IRC with your letter.

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