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I am pleased that there have been few rules queries in the many e-mail messages I have received about the rules. Most of the questions were resolved with the errata sheet corrections. Nevertheless, a few issues have arisen that do need clarification. I will continue to add to the FAQ section as questions emerge.
  1. The Status of Boer Units While Mounted.
    Boer mounted units are peculiar since their status changes depending on the circumstances. The following list of points summarizes the status of Boer mounted units.
    1. Movement:
      Boer mounted units may adopt any "formed" or "massed" formation and move with the restrictions applied to those formations (e.g. no movement in Dense Woods or Rough Ground). Note that when rolling on the Unit Conduct Charts for movement/rallying that ALL Boer units are considered in "skirmish order" if in melee in the open. This reflects the fact that Boers hated melee contact especially if the terrain suited the tactics of the British.
    2. Target of shooting:
      Boer mounted units are considered a "formed" or "massed" target for shooting. If the unit dismounts it automatically becomes a skirmishing target.
    3. Melee:
      Boer mounted units were not trained for "cavalry" type combat and reviled melee at the best of times. Hence, Boer mounted units may not charge a formed or massed target and never gain the +1 for being mounted in the first turn of a melee. Again, note the -2 for "skirmishing" applied to ALL Boer units when rolling to rally on the Unit Conduct Charts while in melee.
  2. Exception to Target Priority Rules: Skirmishers, Native Units Gone-to-ground, And Artillery/mg
    There has been some question as to whether a firer may fire past or over such dispersed priority target to fire at a formed or massed secondary target.

    Firers may fire past these priority - but dispersed - targets, but NOT over them. Overhead fire is not permitted except to artillery positioned on a hill or artillery targeting a unit on a hill.

  3. Mounted Imperial Columns in Melee:
    Do Imperial cavalry/camelry columns suffer the same negative effects when charging/charged in melee in contact?

    Yes. Imperial mounted units in column formation suffer the same negative effects when charged or charging into melee contact as do infantry. With the exception of being charged in the flank or rear - which supercedes the effects of the column - other modifiers still apply. For example, a cavalry column may still claim the "mounted +1" modifier for the first turn of melee contact.

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