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The following is a list of corrections that must be made to your copy of Battles For Empire. Production errors are always a possibility in the complex process of creating and formatting a wargames book. We apologize for the inconvenience.
  1. The British/European Regulars "Shaken" Unit Conduct Chart is inaccurate in both the text (p.23) and on the QRS. The entries for that chart should be as follows:
    British/European Regulars "Shaken" Unit Conduct Chart:
    Die Roll Result
    less than 1 Recoil, Shaken, 12/18" Move
    1 Recoil, Shaken, 6/12" Move
    2 Faltering, Shaken, No Move
    3 Rally, No Move
    4 Rally, 3/9" Move
    5 Rally, 6/12" Move
    6 Rally, 6/12" Move
    7+ Rally, 9/15" Move

  2. The Zulu Attack Arrival Charts in the text (p.39) and on the QRS chart II is inaccurate. In the text, Chart II and Chart III need to bewith the entries shown below. On the QRS, Chart II is. All three charts are included below for clarity.

    Zulu Unit Arrival Charts (Sec.18.3)

    Attack of the Chest
    Zulu Attack Arrival Chart I: Roll 2D6
    Dice Total: Tactical Role:
    2-3 Left Horn
    4-6 Chest
    7 No Arrival
    8-10 Chest
    11-12 Right Horn

    Attack of the Horns
    Zulu Attack Arrival Chart II: Roll 2D6
    Dice Total: Tactical Role:
    2-3 Loins
    4-6 Left Horn
    7 No Arrival
    8-10 Right Horn
    11-12 Loins

    Attack of the Loins
    Zulu Attack Arrival Chart III: Roll 2D6
    Dice Total: Tactical Role:
    2-3 Left Horn
    4-6 Loins
    7 No Arrival
    8-10 Loins
    11-12 Right Horn

  3. Sections 8.10 (Foot Units Side-stepping Left or Right) and 8.11(Foot Unit's Retrograde Movement) include a typesetting omission. Imperial and Native/Boer units in skirmish formation who are permitted to move may side-step or retrograde up to HALF their maximum movement. The word "half" was omitted from the text of both sections. The diagram on page 14, "Foot Unit's Retrograde Movement and Side-stepping", is correct.

  4. Section 9.1.1 (Imperial Infantry and Dismounted Cavalry/Camelry),section "Formation Change Procedure":"To form a unit into skirmish order place the stands of the unit in aline of stands with each stand separated by a distance equal to half the infantry stand's frontage." The word "half" was omitted from the text.

  5. Section 9.5 (Exploitation Moves), sub-section "Procedure":"The Exploitation Move is up to HALF of the movement allowance permittedunit on the Unit Conduct Chart." The word "half" was omitted from the text.

  6. Section 19.4 (Depressions)Artillery and mounted units suffer a half movement allowance penalty when crossing the edge of a depression.

  7. Section 19.8.3 (Attacking Defended Town Battlements), sub-section" Damage":"If it is NOT destroyed, the damaged unit automatically becomes Shaken and Recoils into the fort 6" away from the destroyed wall." The word"not" was omitted from the text.

  8. Section 16.5 (Melee Modifiers) Note that Imperial mounted infantry do not derive the melee bonus (+1) for being mounted.

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