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BFE was thoroughly play-tested and will not be significantly altered with official rule changes. That said, now that BFE has been available to a broader public for well over a year, new ideas have been generated that warrant consideration. Most of these are represented in the Optional Rules section of the site. However, the following rules are official changes that should be habitually used when playing BFE.

1. Automatic Rally: Victorious Melee
A Shaken unit automatically Rallies if one or more of its melee opponents was destroyed in the Melee Phase of the previous turn or forced to Recoil in the current Movement Phase. The Shaken marker is removed when that unit is selected to move; it uses the ?Steady? Unit Conduct Chart. If still engaged in melee, the unit will simply remove the marker at that time in the Movement Phase.

A unit eligible to use an Exploitation Move will always automatically Rally if Shaken.

2. Exploitation Moves (sec. 9.5): Fanatic Charge
A Native unit awarded a Fanatic Charge may move the full movement allowance if eligible to perform an Exploitation Move. This is an exception to the normal Exploitation Move distance of half the awarded movement allowance.

There is a dedicated e-mail community for BFE. If you want to ask questions about the game or share gaming ideas with other BFE players, join the group.

Your input might add new dimensions to the rules and lead to additions to the official web site at By Jingo.

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