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The 2nd Baler Scenario Landing Party

7-10-1897 (10:00 AM)
by Jesus Mateo

Further Edited and Developed by Andrew Preziosi

After the surprise attack by the Insurrectos, the remnants of the garrison at Baler have been holed up in the church. The tactical situation is a stalemate since the Spanish can't leave their refuge and the Filipino's are afraid to assault the church.

The Philippine Insurgent commander has decided to leave a screening force at Baler, while departing with the rest of his force to the town of Casiguran. Baler 2 Map

Early on the morning of October 7th, 1897, the Transport "Manila" arrived off Baler beach. The commanding officer of the ship had orders to get news about the arrival of the troops under Lt. Mota.

Seeing the town apparently deserted he sent a landing party with orders to scout out and link up with the garrison. The landing party, under Medical Lieutenant Ricardo Espi was composed of twelve marine infantrymen and a NCO.

The game


Philippine: Avoid the landing party trying to make contact with the forces at the church. If the link cannot be avoided then impede the Spanish forces returning to the beach. Spanish: The marine patrol must make contact with the Spanish forces at the town in order to assess the situation they are facing.

Special Rules:

The river can only be forded (crossed) near the broken bridge. The rest of its length is impassable, except for figures who discard their rifles. (These figures are considered knife armed [only] for the rest of the game, or until they secure another rifle).

The Spanish forces at the church cannot leave the building until contacted, but they are allowed to fire at any insurgent within range and LOS.

The ship is armed with a 50-mm gun that can reach 40 inches from the center of the coast side of the table. It has 10 shells and can fire a shot every turn if the Spanish player rolls a 3 or higher with a 1d6. The gun cannot perform indirect fire, so any and all targets must be within Line of Sight.

The wounded must reach the beach to be evacuated. They have serious wounds, so they need another person to help move them at half speed or two figures to move at normal rate.

The Filipino's deploy their figures after the Spanish marines have landed. They cannot deploy forces East of the river. There is only one Philippine leader, which is placed on the table with his forces. The two kinds of troops must be deployed intermixed. Starting with game turn Six (#6), roll a 1d10 for breech loading, rifle armed insurrectionist reinforcements to enter the table on the NE corner every odd turn.

Victory points (VP's):

2nd Exp. Jaeger Battalion Class Weapons
Captain Lopez Irizarri Inexperienced Revolver and saber
NCO's Veterans Bolt action rifle and bayonet
Privates Seasoned Bolt action rifle and bayonet

Marine Infantry Class Weapons
Lieutenant Espi Seasoned Revolver and saber
NCO's Veteran Bolt action rifle and bayonet
Privates Veteran Bolt action rifle and bayonet

Insurrectos Class Weapons
Leader Veteran Revolver
Bolo armed Raw Cutlass or spear
Rifle armed Raw Single shot breech loading rifle

Lt. Espi

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