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RM 6ppd for tapes and RM 11ppd for CD (Malaysia)
USD 3ppd for tapes and USD 6ppd for CD (Asian)
USD 5ppd for tapes and USD 8ppd for CD (World)

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Cactus #021


Another yet to be among the best crust band from Pacific region. And dare to say that they throw some unique crust tune from both bands. Pazahora is from Singapore and play melodic driven crust, rock out and have this similar sound with band like tragedy, or from ashes rises. It getting better and better, with more anthemic slogan and the structure became better from day to day. 5 songs overall and its sweet. While crux deliver another 5 songs that have this strong stench feeling inside. Imagine bands like amebix, sacrilege or newer one sanctum, you will get the answer. Sometimes they are fast and throw some mid pace crust but all the time, they are heavy. The vocalist anna do work hard on pulling out a full expression with a lot intensity and energy while singing and all in all this is very good stuff.

TRADE ARE WELCOME. RM 10 ppd (here) /USD 8ppd (there).

Check both myspace at:
Pazahora :
Crux :

Cactus #020.5

Release on end of september 2008. Contains 30 songs that previously been release from the Front Row Tickets To Armageddon LP and also the Beyond the Hidden Valley LP . This is a must for the one who like hyper crossover hardcore/metal sound. Feature ex member of what happen next, assfort, your mother etc. This is a good things to grab

RM10 ppd within Malaysia (normal post)
USD 8 ppd (normal post)
USD 10 ppd (normal post)

Cactus #020

FALL TO THEIR DEATH - chains in transmission CD

Malaysian atmospheric post - modern sludge band, 4 songs around 44 minutes plus one multimedia video that feature their live set Substation, Singapore. Co release between basement records & cactus records

PRICE : RM10 ppd within Malaysia (normal post)
SOUTHEAST ASIA PRICE : USD 8 ppd (normal post)
OTHERS : USD 10 ppd (normal post)


Check both myspace at:

Cactus #019

7 tracks plus 13 minutes live video of heavy hardcore crust. Comes with silk-screened, pinned cloth cover and 20 pages booklet (lyrics, articles, tour pictures & flyers). Kah-Roe-Shi played their first show in 2006 with the name Union Of Slaves. Kah = excess, Roe = labor, Shi = death, translated literally from the Japanese as “death from overwork” or occupational sudden death. The band is musically characterized by unrelenting heavy crust hardcore and “human-system-hating” lyrics; with influences from From Ashes Rise, His Hero Is Gone, Dystopia, Counterblast and peers.

TRADE ARE WELCOME. RM 10 ppd (here) /USD 8ppd (there).
Cactus #018

Kias Fansuri "2 tahun pertama" CD

A collection of their 2 years workds including tracks from demo tape, a split 3.5" floopy disk with call me betty a split 7" with only for the sake of aching, a 4 way split 10" with peterthepiratesquid, narwhal and teeth of mammals and a compilation tracks taken from the emo apocalpyse and Imagine tristan zara and neil perry. Beutifully done digipack.

TRADE ARE WELCOME. RM 10 ppd (here) /USD 8ppd (there).
Check : for their myspace.

Cactus #017

War All the Time discography CD
War All the Time is a millenium band. They started since few years back, but this band consist of people that put their hard into hardcore punk diy scene for ages. They play simply totalitar, mob 47 swedish hardcore band but put it on their own way. A mied up feeling of UK crust and swedish crust, do it in great direction. Sned of flat earth records do played drum for this band and flat earth is a label that is most respectable for me and other member do played in various good UK band like boxed inn, hellhazard, kito etc. And compile all the songs from their first 7" s/t release under yellow dog, split 7" with the horror, and the last 7" plus two unreleased songs. 17 songs overall. This is good bands from a great people.

TRADE ARE WELCOME. RM 10 ppd (here) /USD 8ppd (there).

Cactus #016

Straight Answer "Discography"" CD
Straight fucking hardcore. After short hiaturs since the year 2004, they will hit the pit again. Cactus records proud to release this discography CD that compile all the songs from demo "bangkit melawan tunduk ditindas" (1998), Straight answer is your friends (1999 under movement records), and "kami belum menyerah" full length (2002 under movement records). All in all 20 songs. For all of you who dont know straight answer, they are an Indonesian hardcore band that get started since 1996. Straight forward hardcore with intelligent lyrics and to speak straight answer was among the most respectable band from Indonesia during the late 90's and early millenium.

TRADE ARE WELCOME. RM 10 ppd (here) /USD 8ppd (there).

Cactus #012

Disconvenience "Umea Punk City LP + War on Wanker 7"" CD
Swedish Punk Rock band, from Umea City, Sweden, the city that used to be and still, very active for it punk and hardcore movement. This CD contains all their songs from the Umea punk City LP and War on Wankers 7" both release under Wasted Sound records from Sweden. To have some clue of what disconvenience play like, they are 77 alike driven punk rock with lots of melodies and very good lyrics. The CD comes with 8 pages full color booklet packed with lyrics, info and hell lotsa picture. Co release with Life on the edge records (Malaysia), Dellusion by Terror records (Phillipines) and Prohibited Projects (Singapore).

LOW STOCK, NO TRADE. RM 10 ppd (here) /USD 8ppd (there).

Cactus #011

Cluster Bomb Unit "Stumpf Ist Trumpf" CD
A new release by CBU. This feature 12 total unreleased tracks that consists four tracks recorded in early (Feb) 2006, three tracks recorded in 2001 for their use to be a project bands with Kelly from defiance and four cover songs that recorded in october 2006 and one in 2001. Cover songs from bands: subhuman, chaos UK, mob 47, rudimentary peni and discharge. Classic sound approach and totally blast.


CACTUS #010.5

This is not a break up compilation [Various label including cactus records]
This is a compilation that feature a bands that played in dip leg and curve (both from Japan), during their Singapore & Malaysia tour. There are 11 bands and 13 songs inside. The bands played various style of music style from grindcore, hardcore, emo etc. The bands inside are from SINGAPORE - Pazahora (dark crust ala tragedy), Ila Mitra (90's emo hc alike), Bombarde (Brutal crust grind), and elergy for euliza (Metal hardcore), MALAYSIA - Kias fansuri (screamo ex-utarid), Man under zero effort (Jazzy indie style), Daighilia (Screamo hc), Teenage glory for a wasteland (mogwai alike band), and pintu rintangan api (Good tech hardcore), JAPAN - Curve (Indie rock), and Dip Leg (screamo).


Cactus #010

VICTIMS OF GRIND 3 way split CD with parkinson/ selfmadegod/ karena neko
This cd contains three Malaysian grindcore act. Parkinson is an old running grindcore band from johor, guttural vocal and blasting music.Kirenaneko is a 3 piece grindcore bands come from Mallaca town of Malaysia and doing some great grind tune, comparable to bands like agathocles or denak. Last band here is selfmadegod doing old school grindcore sound mix it up with thrashy speed sound. This CD come with nice 8 pages booklet cover compact with all lyrics, picture and related information about the bands. Nice production and contains 31 songs overall.


Cactus #09.5

ON THE ROAD 3 way split CD with Cynic 19 / The act we act / at least I speak.
CYNIC 19 is a thrashcore band that played in vein of lip cream/das oath/vivisick etc. They are fucking crazy on stage. THE ACT WE ACT fall to be in the class of post hardcore genre with lotsa jazzy touch inside their music. They pull an energetic music, with good structure regarding their music driven. AT LEAST I SPEAK is a local screamo band from Malaysia throw some European alike screamo, filling the music with additional keyboard. Good lyrics as well. And to be honest, dare I said that the music is powerful. This CD also come with a big full color A3 size poster.


Cactus #009

VITAMIN X "pissed off" the collection CD
A vitamin X latest release that compile selected song that been choose by the bandmates, from the early era of commitment records releases, until the recent new 7", rip it out under havoc records. And it contains 36 songs that will rip ur ass. This is the good documentation of vitamin X along the success way they have! And this CD also was done to support their south east asian tour in 2005. This is an official release


Cactus #008

Makiladoras "2001 - 2004" discography CD
The cd is a complete collection of all their releases including their debut self title 10"(released by Ups, Dp or Not Dp, Malinke Records, Squawk Records etc), Maximaal Onthall Compilation cd and their latest split 7" with the Dutch crusties, Radio Bikini plus one cover song from State of Fear. They have been compared to a faster Tragedy and even hints of FromAshes Rise. Experience this heavy fast hc crust from Groningen, Holland. Heard the news that they already split up in early 2006.


Cactus #007

BARACKCA "South East Asian tour" tape
This band had just finished their Asian tour. Coming from Hungary and play political punk rock tune with strong anarchism view. This tape contains 19 songs and it include a lyrics sheet and other info of the band. Barackca is also a long standing punk rock band of Hungary. Imagine catchy and fast paced punk rock like jugguling juggular or flux of pink indian. Co release with other label; prohibited project (singapore), Epidemic records (Singapore) and Bullwhip records (Malaysia).


Cactus #006

Take no heroes compilation tape
This is a hardcore compilation featuring 10 bands from around the world. Bands feature were Pointing finger [Portugal], razlog za [crotia], no violence [brazil], feud [phillipines], only way out [poland], crickbat [Spain], The mutiny [USA], sincerity [germany], cita atteiksma [Latvia] and second combat [Malaysia]. 71 minutes of music, 100% rare and unreleased. Variety kind of hardcore. Comes with cute 12 pages booklet include lyrics, contact address and other info. This is the best hardcore compilation you should own. And for your info this compilation had originally been release by various European label like Boisleve records, refuse records, WGF records etc. And this tape also is a co-release between 5 Malaysian label including cactus records.


Cactus #005

Cohol/Tiala/Gauge Means nothing split tape
All these three bands had just finished the Malaysia/ Singapore last December. This tape compiles 7 tracks from all the 3 bands. Cohol is a Tokyo crazy metal + sludge hardcore with lotsa emotional part. 2 songs from them. Tiala play chaotic/ screamo HC ala swing kids or orchid and they are also from Tokyo. 3 songs from them. Gauge means nothing is from Kawaguchi city play emotional hardcore with dual fe/male vocals, plus a keyboard. Mix envy, and French sounding hardcore and you will get GMN.


Cactus #004

Sunrise "Blood spills everywhere" discography tape
Polish vegan metal band discography release. They played a cross between old Carcass and later turn to be more into swedish metal at the gates, in flames music style. This tape contains 20 songs from three of their previous release, the "Generation of Sleepwalkers" CD, "Child of eternity" CD, "Still walking with the fire" MCD, and some compilation songs. They also got a split CD release with the infamous LIAR. The lyrics are poetically written but politically alert!

SOLD OUT! Soon repress

Cactus #002

Opprobrium Adornment/ Melarat split tape
Both bands is from Malaysia. Melarat consists 4 young kids and they are come from Mallaca. They played angry crust punk tunes with lot of melodic part. 9 songs with political lyrics. this is their first material and soon will come with lot of other projects. While opprobrium adornment start out in 1996 with several release but this is their last material before they split up and they now known as selfmadegod. Contain 11 pissed and raw powerviolence with rad vocals. This is a superb split, trust me!


Cactus #001

Kobayashi "disko" tape
I've been contacted with Peter about one years ago and he is a really nice bloke. I considered this tape as a first release of CACTUS records. Kobayashi is a great HC/punk band from Germany and their lyrics and theirs music are really good. All the idea they brought got something special. This tape come out with 14 songs with a complete translation and also a nice glossy cover. The tape had been released by me with a coorperation of Poor Rat Records.The LP version of this records had been released by various label Alerta Antifascista ( Malinke ( Moskito Records ( Falling Down ( La Idea ( and also Gaia


Kedurjanaan sistem, duniaku diperkosa compilation tape
This tape is put out by a person who run Kontrabrawl distribution and this is a co-release between around 6-7 distribution, personal people, and also different collective. All the songs feature had been released and all the bands feature were really active within the Malaysian HC/punk scene around 1995- 2000. And this is kinda documentation of good old Malaysian bands. Bands feature are 1. Plea For Peace (brilliant Anarcho punk band with good lyrics), 2. non priority (old school Hardcore), 3. FSF (Live track from this melodic punk rock band), 4. Second Combat (sxe old school Hardcore), 5. 76 seconds (Swedish hardcore with a metallic riffing), 6. Minor society (fast and good),7.Silent Majority (a live track from this raw punk bands), 8. Innerfall ( emotional outfit. Song taken from their last tape "remain the same"), 9. Kind (hardcore), and 10. Distrust Is Abuse (hc/punk). The tape come out with a DIY as hell small and cute booklet.


Nyi Blorong "suffocated by passion" Demo CD-R
New band coming from Malaysia that started out in early 2002 that played metallic Hardcore music in vein of one king down. This demo contains 4 songs in 16 minutes duration. Come with very nice pro printed booklet sleeve that include lyrics, explanation of each of the songs and all also the contact list. Double vocal, metallic riffing guitar and blasting drum will satisfy you! RM 4ppd (Malaysia), USD 3ppd (Asian), USD 5ppd (Other)


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