At Least I Speak (Screamo hardcore, Malaysia)
Cluster Bomb Unit (Dbeat punk, Germany)
Cynic 19 (Trashcore, Japan)
Dollie Parton (Trashcore, Malaysia)
Ila Mitra (post hc, Singapore)
Kobayashi (Hardcore punk, Germany)
Kerena Neko (Grindcore, Malaysia)
Makiladoras (Metal crust. R.I.P, Holland)
Pazahora (Crust, Singapore)
Suara Anak Muda (Trashcore, Malaysia)
Sunrise (Sxe vegan metal, Poland)
Selfmadegod (Grindcore, Malaysia)
The Act We act (Jazzy + Screamo, Japan)
Vitamin X ( Sxe hardcore, Netherland)

LABEL/DISTRO (entire label/distro that we trade with and might carry cactus records stuff)
Profane Existence Records (USA)
Six Weeks Records (USA)
Yellow Dog Records (Germany)
Forever Escaping Boredom (USA)
Deep Six Records (USA)
Degenerated Art Records (Malaysia)
Sound Pollution Records (USA)
Reset Not Equal Zero Records (Japan)
Insane Society Records (Czech Rep)
Too Circle Records (Japan)
Oto Records (Japan)
Red Devil Records (Poland)
Superfi Records (UK)
Stickfigure Distribution (USA)
Utarid Tapes Records (Malaysia)
Epidemic Records (Singapore)
213 Records (France)
Primary Thought Records (USA)
Imiginasi Records (Malaysia)
Ebullition Records (USA)
Angry Records (Italy)
Trujaca Fala Records (Poland)
Black Conflict Records (Malaysia)
Art Of Underground Records (USA)
KOI Records (USA)
Revolt and chaos records (Malaysia)
Obituary Records (Sweden)
No Fashion Hardcore Records (Brazil)
Power it Up records (Germany)
Basement Records Store (Malaysia/Singapore)
Shove records (Italy)
Jerk Off Records (USA)
Trash Steady Syndicate (Singapore)
Tenzenmen Records (australia)
To Live a Lie Records (USA)
Despotic Records (USA)
Anock Mearan Records (Malaysia)
Sound Idea Distribution (USA)
Havoc Records (USA)
Papakerma Records (Malaysia)
Bullwhip records (Malaysia)
Old Skool Kids Records (Russia)
Hardcore Holocaust (USA)
Agipunk Records (Italy)
625 thrash (USA)
Punk Deluxe records (Germany)

More secca Records (italy)
Scrotum Juice Records (Singapore)

OTHER (webzine, blog etc)
Ricecooker (Malaysian source for DIY activity)
Maximum Rock N Roll (Among the first punk zine created)

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