Some stuff with red font is under sale.
Cactus # 012 - Disconvenience "Umea Punk City LP" + War on wanker 7" CD  - Swedish punk rock band and this CD will contains all their songs from the Umea punk city LP and war on wankers 7". Soon they will tour Asian in mid 2007. Co-release with life on the edge records and avail records. RM 10ppd. Trade are more than welcome!

CACTUS #10.5 - This is not a break up compilation [Various label including cactus records]
- This is a compilation that support a band that played in dip leg (Japan) and Curve (Japan), Singapore & Malaysia tour. There are 11 bands and 13 songs inside. The bands played various style of music style from grindcore, hardcore, emo etc. The bands inside are from SINGAPORE - Pazahora (dark crust ala tragedy), Ila Mitra (90's emo hc alike), Bombarde (Brutal crust grind), and elergy for euliza (Metal hardcore), MALAYSIA - Kias fansuri (screamo ex-utarid), Man under zero effort (Jazzy indie style), Daighilia (Screamo hc), Teenage glory for a wasteland (mogwai alike band), and pintu rintangan api (Good tech hardcore), JAPAN - Curve (Indie rock), and Dip Leg (screamo). Come also with A3 size poster RM 11ppd - Trade
CACTUS # 010 - Karena neko / Parkinson / Selfmadegod split CD - This cd contains three Malaysian grindcore act. Parkinson is an old running grindcore band from johor, guttural vocal and blasting music. Kirenaneko come from Mallaca and doing sick sound in vein of agathocles or denak. Last is selfmadegod doing old school grindcore sound mix it up with thrashy speed sound. Nice production and contains 31 songs overall. RM 10ppd
BRUME RETINA / HIRO split CD [Old skool kids] ?RM 20ppd
Split of 2 French bands, Brume Retina (ex members of Gamensss), Hiro (ex members of Gantz).
Brume Retina Mp3:
Hiro Mp3:
NEW - Choke chocoi/Urbanos split CD [Dellusion by terror records] Choke Chocoi was my fav asian bands with girl line up inside. They throw the music very hard. And they kill every bands that played the same like them. If you don’t know about this band, they played a hardcore tunes in vein of poison the well (early stuff), with so much mid 90’s hardcore sounding inside!And the lyrics is fantastically written and intelligent. Urbanos is from Italy. They do much tougher hardcore and heavy music. At the same time they have good melodies. This CD feature two really good bands with girl inside. RM 13ppd
Corpsing "The stench of humanity CD [Grindethic]
Corpsing is a UK death metallers. This is a good material with blasting sound and really tight music. For the fan of death metal, this london based band sure will rip ur ear. RM 20ppd
NEW - Daitro “Laisser vivre les squelettes?CD [Oto records] A Emo/Screamo band from France where they show their highest performance in this album. Influences can be seen from ENVY, AMANDA WOODWARD, TWELVE HOUR TURN, but still, this is Authentic. Release by a good Japan label, oto records. RM 20ppd
NEW - Defeated Sanity “Psalms of the moribund?CD [Grindtehc records] - New album of unbelievably technical and brutal death grind in the American vein from Germany ! Come with a interactive multimedia shit. RM 24ppd
NEW - Gilgamesh "This Could Be A Set Up" CD [Grindtehc records] - Gilgamesh Sounds like “the ringing you hear in your ears when you have just been hit by a train?Intense, heavy, hardcore with a crust screamo edge to it. Some people like to call it tabasco fueled hardcore. It’s a band known for their energetic live shows. You just have to experience it live, stuff goes off every time. They made quite a name for themselves playing a lot of shows, and will play much more in the near future. With a mix of harsh fastforward parts some subtle melodies and heavy breakdowns they managed to mold it into something of their own. Check the mp3 and decide for yourself. Members of gilgamesh played in bands like Point of few, Fetch, and Betercore before and share a member with .omission. at this moment. RM 20ppd
NEW - Green beret CD [Emergence records] - Green beret is a 5 piece bands that played a mix up of locust with many grinding part. In correct word, they are a grindcore band. This come with a great digipack packaging that I’m will sure u don’t want to miss. RM 20ppd
NEW - Hunter-Gatherer / Rydell split CD [Scene police records] Hunter Gatherer sound like a raw version of hwm, without sounding like a copy. Rydell have gotten a lot more DC post hardcore style. Cover by the master Lars Henkel. RM 20ppd
NEW - Hombrinus dude CD [Punk Before Profit] One of the best unheard of bands around today. They play fast angry political crusty hardcore. If you are a fan of NAPALM DEATH scum area hardcore then this the record for you. You cannot label this band just another grind band because the hardcore roots are too strong on this record. For fans of angry hardcore this is a must. RM 20ppd
NEW - I object “First two years?[Punk Before Profit] A CD that compiles the first two years and also includes some new songs found only on this CD. 25 tracks of pissed fast hardcore. I object also take any chance possible to grab the hardcore angriness, and adapt it by wrote a radical and brainy lyrics. Great layout, great sound. RM 20ppd
NEW - Love Like?Electrocution s/t CD Hailing from Adelaide, and featuring ex-members of St. Alban's Kids, Us Versus Them and Slackjaw, Love Like... Electrocution's music is a vehement display of controlled screamo. Love Like stand out because of the the dual vocalists and the energetic execution of what are underneath quite melodic songs. Love Like... disbanded in late 2004, but their legacy continues in the form of new groups Damn Arms, My Sister The Cop, Morti Viventi, This City Dynamite!, Whitehorse and Brutal Snake. RM 20ppd
NEW - Mar "To The Beat Of A Cold Heart" CD RM 20ppd
NEW - Marat/Facelit split CD Marat is coming from netherland and they play powerful emo hardcore, and this is new rleases after the 3" demo releases under yellow dog and facelit is a new singapore band. This is releases by singapore label. RM 13ppd
NEW - Monster “Death before disorder?CD [Sabotage records] First of all, there is a new release on the way from a band based in Berlin called Mönster. MÖNSTER was formed in May 2004 by Alexandre Légar?(BORN DEAD ICONS, ex-THE BLACK HAND), Jobst Eggert (PEACE OF MIND, ex-HIGHSCORE), Marek Sarba (INSUICIETY, ex-DYSMORFOFOBIA) and Matthias Dabrowski (A THIN RED LINE, ex-COSTA´S CAKE HOUSE). The band started as a project, but after realizing that such a good chemistry shouldn't be blown off in the air, decision was made to take it out of the practice space.. In terms of sound, comparisons have been made to the modern Swedish-Crust-Portland sound with a good measure of rocking riffs and a classic straight forward hardcore feel. RM 20ppd
NEW - New End Original "Lukewarm" CDep [Deep elm records] Featuring members of Onelinedrawing and ex-members of Far, Texas Is The Reason, and Chamberlain, this introduction to NEW END ORIGINAL contains one song from their debut “Thriller?album, in addition to 2 non-album B-sides that are exclusive to this release. This single is only available through Jade Tree mailorder or NEW END ORIGINAL and is not sold in stores. RM 14ppd
NEW - Point At Others "Point At Others" CD [Dp or not dp records] Six songs of hardhitting uptempo hardcore from The Netherlands. Lots of breakdowns, tempo changes and lots of awesome mosh power thrown in for good measure. In the tradition of fast Dutch thrash to the tune of LÜRM and SEEIN' RED. - review from PE RM 15ppd
NEW - Red Sky II "MPFW" CD ?Metal core in vein like morning again, new days rising. Melodic edge metal with good sound quality. RM 20ppd
NEW - Short Fused "Forget Reality" CD [Dp or not dp records] With one of the former MOW-writers (Rudeless) in it's ranks it's perhaps a little hard to be objective about this band. When I got this cd I didn't really know what to expect... I never saw Short Fused play nor did I hear much more than a couple of MP3s in the past. So when I threw this one in my cd-player I was reliefed to hear that it was not something I was not into at all. While they do not play the kind of hardcore I love the most I did not had any urge to turn it off either. Shortfused play on this cd 6 songs of straight up hardcore lasting about 12 minutes, without any gimmicks or whitout trying to fit in to a certain style. Musically it is a mix of Backfire-style Eurocore mixed with some harder parts. The songs are harder than the stuff I heard some time ago. And that's a good thing cause it sounds a lot better! Decent release from these Dutch guys. Review from RM 18ppd

Tesa "nekad" CD [Old skool kids] ?RM 20ppd
Second release of latvian band which play dark, atmospheric and heavy post-rock in the vein of late ISIS/Pelican. 6 songs, 27 minuts. The CD comes in digipack.

Tesa s/t CD [Old skool kids] ?RM 20ppd
New band and debut album from latvian ex-IN.STORA drummer and guitarist formed right after former band called it quits. Dark, emotional space-post-metal-core for fans of Cult Of Luna, Neurosis, Old Man Gloom and likes.
New - TUNGUSKA / THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL Split CD [Sadness of noise records]
The Bold and the Beautiful started in autumn 2004 with a few members of punk bands from Lublin area (AntiChrist, Silence, G.C.M., Poem After Auschwitz, Unanimous Society's Paradox, AntiCop), cause guys were just pissed off on polish specific lifestyle, political madness, religious frauds and attitudes of scene gestapo/scene merchandise of some dumbs. They had an idea to connect fast and angry punkrock with old style sarcasm in the vein of early '80 hardcore and with political but not always deadly serious lyrics. In total - two guitars, two screamers, one bass and one drums. They call it Gitwa Punk and if you like Siekiera (a polish old punk "legend") you know what they mean - fast and furious crusty powerviolence, aggressive and in your face. On the other side of the split you find Tunguska - Irish/Polish hybride with heavy and dark monumental neocrust mayhem. Totally devastating and powerful wall of sound in the vein of Silence, FAR, The Dagda etc. RM 20ppd
MP3: - tunguska -retribution - bold and the beautiful - Dual Estimation Symmetry
4 way to thrash your silly stereo [Lompat records] ?This contains 4 bands from different country. First is isolamento that played trash hardcore band that sing about the daily life and in love of trash, next is dollie parton that play trash punk but do have very very good lyrics. Comparable to vivisick or hit me back. The 4 sivits is from germany and they played somewhat between old 80’s hardcore with some modern thrash touch. And last is mr murrungio that throw good hardcorepunk stuff. They are from italy and sing in the native language. All in all, all good bands. 33 songs. RM 11ppd

Anfo "sarro egoismo" CD [Efficiency Equittate records] - Peru trashing grind unit. Powerful.This come in a 10" jacket make it a little bit different. But still there something you have to check out about this peru crust band. RM 16ppd - DISCOUNT
Blood on weeding dress/Infinite delay split CD [third arms records] ?This both band play superb style of modern edge hardcore. BOWD is more like daughter with lotsa breakdown and killer jazzy mix up. And Infinite delay do it more heavier with sound more like Discordance axis or dillinger escape plan. This come with great gatefold cover. RM 15ppd
Comando Caveir “Ataque Terrorista?[self release] ?Comando caveira is from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. They played crossover tune mix up with metal, hardcore and punk sound but with much hardcore edge. They are comparable to ratos de parao and also opus dead. This CD contains 12 songs that u might like. RM 17ppd
Divorce s/t CD [Disobedience records] - "Furious hardcore punk / grind from Atlanta, GA. For some rason I was expecting straight up 80s hardcore from this, but it sounds straight out of the 90s with a grind infected growling vs. screeching vocal pairup. This works for them, and their harsh, straight ahead momentum, akin to early powerviolence (without the weird shit). Definitely worth checking out." (Slug and Lettuce). RM 16ppd
Gay Cowboys In Bondage "The Completely Silly Discography: 1983-1984" CD [Burrito records] - Everything ever recorded by these fun-loving Florida punks. A 34 songs, one hour long, disc featuring the rare 1983 demo, the "Owen Marshmallow" 7" and a rocking live set from 1983, full of smart ass remarks. Lavishly packaged with a 24 page CD booklet, full of great photos, show flyers, lyrics, liner notes, old record reviews and more silliness than you can possibly handle. RM 20ppd
In the clear CD [Zandor records] ?UK old school hardcore band with emotional touch inside. 9 songs include with great artwork. Think the melodic of bane mix it up with some 88 inspired hardcore. Fan of old school hardcore sure dig this. RM 16ppd - Discount.
Killed By the Bulls CD [Koi records] - Incredible artwork. Some explosive new material will ensure this new release from New Jersey's finest folk/punk rockers will rock your indie music world! Are you worthy. RM 16ppd - discount

Kit! s/t CDEP [Forever escape boredom records]
- Kit! is a female fronted melodic punk band heavily influenced by Discount, but mixed with neo-wave dance parts. The record is mid-tempo and filled with hooks. For fans of Discount and No Idea Records. It's all too tempting to compare this female-fronted pop-punk band to Discount or Tilt, but that would be selling them short because they have a wonderful and unique sound. Taking pop convention and adding in a very subtle pinch of a dance influence, they also add technical bass lines, which aren't usually present in pop-punk...I rarely fall for a band in such a rapid hook, line and sinker fashion as I have for Kit! They're just so damn irresistible. - Punk Planet #63 (notable review)RM 17ppd
Live at bar open DVD [Tenzenmen records] - On a hot crazy night tenzenmen brought together baseball (melbourne), ni-hao! (japan), sabot (czech republic) and the thaw (sydney) and crammed them into the confines of bar open in melbourne. here's what happened! 112 minutes of some of the most exciting music in the world and all for a reasonable price. RM 23ppd
Leval Blessing S/T CD [Barbarian records]
This tech grinding death machine lay down 10 tracks of angst ridden brutality. Recorded in 2002 by Chris D. at Studio One Origin, Jungle Rot). Comparable to Dying Fetus, Martyr AD or The Dillinger Escape Plan. Heartattack #36:If Orcs found some electric guitars and a drumset deep in their caves, eventually the music they came up with would sound like this. Bellowing vocals, war-like drums and twisted guitar merging into a fierce metal sound. Leval Blessing play some sick sounding shit. RM 20ppd
Mehkago N.T. - s/t CD [To live a live records]
Debut EP by Southern Florida's newest thrashing maniacs. Pummeling fast, raw and heavy. Five tracks of old school heavy grindcore with a twinge of dbeat. These are surprisingly lengthy and brutal songs with heart. Features members from TORCHE and SHITSTORM.RM 17ppd
Murder-Suicide Pact CD [Burrito records] - Early 80's style hardcore featuring members of Failure Face, Slap Of Reality, E.B.S. and End Of The Century Party. Cover art by Mad Marc Rude. 16 songs. Pick it up if you're into Poison Idea, Capitol Punishment and "Slip It In"-era Black Flag RM 20ppd

NO VIOLENCE "Invencivel" MCD [Refuse records]
- Fast political straight edge hardcore from Sao Paolo, Brazil. They started in 1989 and they're still kicking ass band after years. Along the PERSONAL CHOICE they were first Brazilian bands into sXe thing, but at the same time dedicated to DIY and political hardcore/punk ethics. Strong, fast thrashy hardcore with old school hc elements - that's how they sounding after years, taking no compromises! You can easily put them to the same league with others Brazilian fast hardcore bands like Discarga or I Shot Cyrus. If you can imagine Heresy and Larm crossed with South American fast hardcore tradition, and longtime commitment of the band, that's No Violence. 17 songs included cover of the late 80's UK band Intense Degree. In a good tradition of Brazilian HC - No Violence mixing music and politics, and they lyrics focused on such issues like indigenous resistance, US imperial wars, social injustice and worker's rights or slavery to corporate capitalism. After split 7" on Sound Pollution, two split 7"s/mcds (with X-Acto and Abuso Sonoro), full length CD and couple of demos, here's the brand new release. CD contains 16 pgs. booklet with the lyrics and english translations. South American version released on Cospe Fogo Gravacoes. RM 18ppd
Piromanos Del Ritmo - nosotros tenemos el fuego CD [Depraved and devilish records]
Italian 3 piece hate fucking core bands. This include 19 songs in vein of cripple bastard. Powerful and intense. Extreme music lover should grab this. RM 20ppd
RAILROAD TO APOCALYPSE 6-WAY CD [Tetanus Prod] 60 minutes of unreleased stuff by Disarm (Italy political powerviolence/grind), Bud Junkees (finnish stoner-crust), Alienacja (Poland grindcore with death influences), Matka Teresa (Holland ultracrust feat. Olho de Gato members), Spleen (Belgium grindcore/sludge), Verge On Reason (german grindcore a-là Brutal Truth) RM 20ppd
REGRES "W naszych dloniach" MCD [Refuse records]
Brand new release of one of the best and honest bands in Poland. 9 songs of driving, passionate and fast positive hardcore songs. No fashion parade, no bullshits and no second rate copycats. Now sounding more powerful than ever. RM 20ppd
New - Saturation - s/t CD [dead city records]- 10 songs of raging hardcore that are over before you can pick your jaw up off the floor. This shit is heavier than any hardcore record I've heard this year and every riff, every blast beat, every lyric is flawless. Fuck, if you like it furious and uncompromising then you've found your record. Awesome. (MRR) ?RM 20ppd
Shall not kill s/t CD [213 records]
Shall not kill is a France band that blend varied style of music in one. This CD contains 5 songs in more than 50 minutes. Experimental driven, heavy breakdown, melodic guitar arrangement. All inside this one plastic. RM 20ppd
The Failure's Union s/t CD [Art of underground records]
To make music as sincere as this is rare feat these days. Some of the star tracks sound like they could even been "hits" given the right time and place. Like in the early nineties, perhaps? Tuneful as this album is, this is a recording that has depth, guts, melody and coherence. A pop/rock record with equal grit and intelligence. Just wait for the the hooks to sink in. RM 20ppd
The Kiss Up/Kitty Little CD [Art of underground records]
This is a crushing powerpop release that will have you singing and removing your heels from the floor, tearing up carpet and eating too much candy! from songs about kicking back and giving yourself a cavity, to cleverly written satirical songs about our society RM 20ppd
Tanpa Batas “Depressed? CD-R [Self release] ?Tanpa batas is from Indonesia and they getting better and better. This is their latest releases and they throw a very good material inside. 12 songs is been made in very good. Just imagine vitamin X mix it up with tear it up and u got it well. And this also include one anjing tanah song. RM 8ppd
Teratogeny “Mundo Familico?CD [Magnicidio Records] ?Crust grind from Mexico city. Sound not unlike band like agathocles and early rot. 17 songs. Also comparable to early napalm death and also terrorizer. For the fan of grindcore, this is for you. Gatefold cover as well. RM 18ppd
The Exit Strategy CD [Art of underground records]
So if The Exit Strategy were from Washington, DC and not from our home base of Buffalo, NY we think they would be on the lips of every indie/punk rocker. It's not that they necessarily sound like what's coming from the recent crop of DC kids, but it's more like they're delivering the same intensity and desire to rock progressively. And more specifically, in the same way Q and Not U, Dismemberment Plan, and the Black Eyes were when they were around. RM 20ppd
Thrash it up 4 way split CD [Epidemic records] - 4 Asian trash core bands in one CD with suara anak muda (malaysian powerviolence), yogyakarta (singapore hard hitting trash core), relationshit (singapore fast core.) and underattack (fast hardcore from singapore).. Gatefold cover. very good art. RM 13ppd
Unsung "nail in the hand of the christ" CD - Bulldozing metal/hardcore with some grinding elements, second Cd. RM 18ppd
V/a Bollok Wok CD [Anock mearen records]
14 different bands in one CD. Some of the bands is like Inikah hidup, sleep jeremy, cannaris, dirty dividers, gritty floors, goodnit goodies, brayok etc. This contains varied kind of music from punk rock, emo, hardcore, metal etc. Nice documentation from the east coast scene. RM 11ppd
v/a eccentric # 001 with zu/hinterlandt/can can head [tenzemen records] - This is certainly one of the strangest compilations i have come across recently. Hinterlandt are entirely sampled from death metal, pop and symphonic rock with just that tiny bit of experimental electronica. zu are free rock trio from italy of drums, guitar and saxophone. they play free rock or free jazz. Can can heads are a five piece band from finland, on guitars, drums, bass, vocals and saxophone. they also play free rock music, and this time it's a bit more traditional, less jazz and a bit more punk related. RM 16ppd - discount
v/a eccentric # 002 with limited express (has gone?)/ stalward plat ypus [tenzemen records] - limited express (has gone?) is true jap mayhem in the vein of melt banana and boredoms. for those not familiar with the term ”jap mayhem? here's a description: a japanese woman screaming in a manic, high-pitched voice, noisy electric guitars and chaotic jazz-punk song patterns. anarchic with a capital a, irritating with a small i and nice with a big n. very cool. very japanese. sax bonus. stalwart serve seven new tracks on the disc, form a great set of stylistically individual, eclectic alternative rock. the members' past in circle doesn't shine through as strongly as on the band's debut effort torment non plus, but an element of hypnotic repetitiveness is present here as well. The trio explores the middle ground between hard rock and avant-garde weirdness. Plat ypus creating some sort of lo-fi minimalist noise soundscapes seems to be their thing. RM 16ppd - discount
v/a eccentric #003 with experimental dental school/ sabot/ astro can caravan [tenzemen records] - Experimental dental school is a band that consist only organ, guitar and drum. Deliver unique experimental music. Sabot is a two man bands with bass and drum. Rock n roll with some jazz influence somehow remind to cause for effect without that grind influence but sure they are jazzy certain point. Good stuff. Astro can caravan is something like ochestra with 16 people consists of saxophone, tenor, double bass, flute and so manyu other instruments. They deliver 3 songs with good soundmanship. 10 songs overall and come with an enhanced video from sabot. Very good releases. RM 16ppd - discount
v/a Seeram compilation CD [Teriak records] - 26 bands from all over the world but most of them come from Indoensia. And this CD contain 56 songs. Among the bands is like Mindset, Get it today. Borgorkill, Murka, Low fat, the anitiklimaks and many more. RM 13ppd
V/a grind your mask compilation [Teriak records] - Good grind/crust compilation release by Indonesian label, Teriak. Feature 9 bands from all over the world. Band includes Ira Et decessus (spain), Fallen world (Singapore), tumor ganas (indonesia), Splattered Mermaid (Sweden), Disforia (italy), Anal Probe (Holland), Raiser (Spain), Life in Exile (USA) and Extreme decay (Indonesia). For fan of extreme hardcore, grindcore and crust. This is for you. RM 13ppd.
Young and dangerous “dangerous youth and a life saving thrashpunk tunes? [Black conflict records] ?Y.A.D is a Malaysian trash band playing similar with those 625 kinda of stuff. If u like the straightforward trash punk stuff like razor edge. This releases come with good packaging too. Full color lyric sleeve, and other information about the band. RM 10ppd


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