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Life Extinction “Lo Unico Seguro En La Vida Es La Muerte?CD [Exabrupto records] - Brutal and melodic crust-core from Monterrey Mexico, in the vein of such bands as Tragedy and From Ashes Rise, and greatly influented by Ekkaia. With personal and political views of a world that is falling apart. Highly Recommended. RM 20ppd

Alone In The Crowd - El Triste Muro De La Sociedad - CD [Exabrupto records] - Fast neo-crust in the vein of From Ashes Rise, small, dark intros , that burst into crust and roll ,songs in spanish and english with a dual voice approach. 12 songs clocking 30 minutes. RM 20ppd



CACTUS 007 - Barackca south east asian tape - This band had once doing their Asian tour. They coming from Hungary and play political punk rock tune with anarchism view. Come with 19 songs + a lyrics sheet and other info. Co release with other label; prohibited project (Singapore), epidemic records (Singapore) and bullwhip records (Malaysia). RM 3ppd.

Aparagonis "Killing without mercy" tape ?Sabah crust grind band. Mediocre stuff and a good start. Last copies! RM 4ppd

Kesumat "prison called conformity' tape [self release] - A very good work from this Malaysian local band. The journey of heavy soundscape, perpetuating a punk rockness in the direction and not forget to mention the intellligent lyrics. This is the perfect blend. Although the sound is raw but the taste is good. Dark, very emotive driven and catchy at the same time. RM 5ppd
MP3 :

Losing six seconds "Omniscient and in control" tape [Bebal berkarat records] ?This band is coming from United Kingdom, and they play somewhat between mid 90's emo hardcore and also some touch of new school hardcore. RM 4ppd

M40 "Historiens Svarta Vingslag" tape [Revulsion records] - Crust/hardcore from Lidköping. Twelve songs of total fury! Full length album recorded at HoboRec, Jönköping. The songs are mixed with slower parts, which keeps the record as a whole interesting and focused. As on a prime note; crustpunk has never - and will never be - better than this. Think Totalt Jävla Mörker mixed with Neurosis! RM 6ppd MP3 :

Phoenix Bodies 'the first two year' tape [Bullwhip records] ?All P.B stuff during their first two year existence. Including split with raein, tyrant of shane, 2 7" release and compilation song. Screamo at it best. RM 4ppd
MP3 :

Sista Sekunden [Atonal Microtonal] - hardcore punk band from Sweden with members from Intensity, Kontrovers, Skitkids and Satanic Surfers. Melodic hardcore punk, comparable to Citizen Arrest or even the now famous Career Suicide. RM 6ppd
MP3 :

Straight Answer "Kami belum tetap menyerah" tape ep [Movement records] - The last material from this Jakarta band before they went thru silent for a short moment [tho they came back in 2007]. This is the most catchiest songs ever made by them with anthemic and memorable rythm and sing a long part. And not to forget they are still here for more than 10 years. RM6ppd
MP3 :

Thrashington DC "To live in die in BMO" [Dendo records] ?Good fast hardcore band. Release by local label dendo records. Fan of trash music will dig this. Imagine vivisick meets fucked up. RM 6ppd
MP3 :



**Fall to their Death "Chains in transmission" CD ?The journey of soulful hardhitting brutal music. They are coming from sentul, Kuala Lumpur and FTTD is very much influence by the band like ISIS, pelican and the like. 4 songs in more than 30 minutes. The dark soundscape and great sound quality making this more pleasant listening. Come with a interactive live video that you can watch from the computer. No regret! RM 10ppd. MP3 :

Kah roe shi "Shi" CD - 7 tracks plus 13 minutes live video of heavy hardcore crust. Comes with silk-screened, pinned cloth cover and 20 pages booklet (lyrics, articles, tour pictures & flyers). About Kah-Roe-Shi: Played our first show in 2006 with the name Union Of Slaves. Kah = excess, Roe = labor, Shi = death, translated literally from the Japanese as "death from overwork" or occupational sudden death. Musically characterized by unrelenting heavy crust hardcore and "human-system-hating" lyrics. Influenced by genres/bands like From Ashes Rise, His Hero Is Gone, Dystopia, Counterblast and peers. RM 10ppd

**Kias Fansuri "2 tahun pertama" CD
Contains 10 track of the collection in 2 years dancing diy hardcire punkj scene. Atypical songwring and thoughful allusion lyrics. Suitable for fans of Tristan Tzara, Utarid and Indian Summer. Come with digipack pakcaging. RM 13ppd MP3 :

**Archagatus/Karena Neko split CD
Archagatus continue blasting after their last split with unholy grave. This time more heavier grindcore with 6 person inside.They are from the Canada. While karena neko is Malaysia grindcore trio comparable to band like phobia, denak, rot, and old school grindcore sound. Their recording quality superb. And this band getting stronger than before. The front cover done by yusth attack, and also a drummer of kerena neko. 8 pages booklet cover with full color cover. RM 10ppd
MP3 || archagatus :
MP3 || karena neko :


A warm gun "Panic In The Face Of Time" CD [Yellow dog records]
A Warm Gun from Baltimore - underrated, maybe not trendy enough - I know they play to fast forward HC for you - the reason why we love it. RM 20ppd MP3 :

Art of burning water CD [Superfi records] Art Of Burning Water are a band who wisely play to their strengths. Accordingly, the London trio's debut hurtles from the starting gate with stonking great riffs pouring out of every orifice. Actually, that's not entirely true - intro "Murder The Skies Of England" is a pleasantly understated violin piece, but for the remaining 25 minutes the riff reigns supreme and all else is secondary. Fans of Keelhaul, Melvins and High On Fire will find plenty to tickle their fancy, while admirers of imaginative songtitles should appreciate cuts like "Bite Off The Genitals Of The Intellectuals And Piss Down Their Throats". Really, what more could you ask for? How about a spectacularly unhinged vocal performance from a clearly demented Iraqi? Done!" RM 23
MP3 :

Attack Disarm Takeover CD [yellow dog records]
ADT - yes former Americas Dirty Thirtys - play UK sylepunk HC like Exploited! this CD will kill you - to many earworms! RM 20ppd
MP3 :

Blame Game "anthology" CD [Stickfigure records]
Atlanta's blame game have been an active band for about five years as of Summer of 2004. This cd compiles everything that blame game has ever released. Featured on this cd are six new songs which were recorded in November of 2003; the eight songs which are present on the split lp with zann; the nine tracks which were recorded in December of 2001 - four of which were released as the blame game 7"; and there are four additional tracks which were recorded in late 1999 as a demo. All told there is seventy-seven minutes worth of music on this cd. Blame Game's sound has matured from a spastic grind/crust to mohinder-esqu manic screamy hardcore to their current very original don caballero meets captain beefheart meets screamo sound. RM 23ppd. RECOMMENDED
MP3 :

Bystorm/Pulling teeth split CD [Take four collective records] Compare to the last stuff, bystorm do change a lot. The musical direction going more brutal. Metal core to the bone with catharsis vocal style and caliban early stuff musical driven, this is very good. 11 songs from this Philippines band. While Pulling teeth is a fast paced hardcore in vein of now infamous "terror". They pull it hard, real hard and they deliver 10 intense tracks. Par stuff from this Boston band. RM 17ppd.

Bowel Stew "mondo morbo" CD [reverb production] - ITALIAN GOREGRIND MASTERS! Thats what many people describe on this band. Mondo morbo is superb release if u dig gore grind. Feature more than 20 songs. RM 10ppd

BRUME RETINA / HIRO split CD [Old skool kids records] - Split of 2 French bands, Brume Retina (ex members of Gamensss), Hiro (ex members of Gantz). RM 20ppd
MP3 || Brume Retina -
MP3 || Hiro -

Crime desire "s/t [life's a rape records] - Take the slow songs off classic '80s hardcore records, mix with the doom and gloom of early goth, throw in heavy doses of Samhain and even a hint of Integrity, then watch too many cult exploitation movies and top the whole mess off with bleak misanthropic and satanic lyrical themes and you might come up with something that sounds a bit like Crime Desire's latest outing. The new LP is an unrepentantly midpaced, plodding, dark hardcore record with huge production and the attention to great packaging and design you've come to expect from a Crime Desire record. The CD version features the self-titled LP, "In Lucifer's Grip" EP, "Id Music to Combat the Superego" LP and unreleased comp songs as bonus tracks, adding up to about 60 minutes of music. They have another LP release under coalition records. RM 20ppd
MP3 :

Defeated Sanity "Psalms of the moribund" CD [Grindtehc records] - New album of unbelievably technical and brutal death grind in the American vein, but they are from Germany ! They had delivered a good metal music since 1994. This is their second full length, and latest release, after few demo tapes and split releases. Come with a interactive multimedia shit. RM 24ppd
MP3 :

Deviation mcd [dabouka records] Deviation is very obscure band coming from Belarus. Adding up traditional punk with lotsa good instrument such as violin, piano etc. they struggling in the sense of real punk and for those who like obscure band, this is for you. RM 16ppd

DIK GURU - URBAN FOLK CD [Punk shit records]
Dik Guru is from Birmingham, England and plays acoustic folk music, his comedy songs are hilarious and he sings with a very strong Birmingham accent which makes them even funnier, my best description would be if comedian Jasper Carrott was to steal a load of Bob Dylan tunes and write comedy lyrics to them then you would get Dik Guru. This cd has 11 tracks and was recorded in 2004 and self released by Dik Himself. RM 20 ppd.
MP3 :

Frankie Hill "Seven Ply Discography" CD [Give praise records]
Skateboard thrashers from France come back to destroy with the discography that collects it all. Fast punk hardcore with some mosh parts and crunchy vocals... tied in with lyrics about thrashing and skating, with diy and raw recordings! Listen and shred the deck, comes packed in a 7" jacket with some stuff from Frankie's history RM 20 MP3 :

Gordon Ivy and the jaybirds 'Happy couples never last' CD [Akashic records]
Furious HC good for singalongs, 2-steps and circle pit! For fans of Agnostic Front, Altercation, Youth Of Today, Crumbsuckers, Life's Blood, and Straight Ahead.RM 20ppd
MP3 :

Greenland Whalefisher - Amazing Space CD [Punk shit records] Norway's Answer to The Pogues have been playing folk/punk since 1994 and in that time have released 4 full length albums and 6 singles, the singles had many great songs which did not appearon the albums and were mostly sold out so we put together a 17 track cd with single b-sides, unreleased tracks plus a bonus live track. For fans of Irish music crossed with punk like Floggin Molly or Blood Or Whiskey, then you must check out this band, they take the sound of the Pogues on their early records and give it a new lease of life. RM 20
MP3 :

Hintergedaken CD - [Barbarian records] Hintergedanken is noise guru Clay Ruby's (23 Productions, Jex Toth, and Davenport) cosmic psych/prog beast, much in the vein of '60s private press killers such as Yahowa 13 and Frolk Haven. Hintergedanken spews slow, atmospheric psych rock that will make any psych or doom fan salivate. RM 25

Kids of Carnage "First Two Years - Discography" CD [Give praise records] Cape Cod's own snotty punk rockers are back with some more carnage! This features the first 7", the demo, the soon-to-be release second 7", and some stuff that will only be on this disc. While keeping the same snotty and fast punk 'tude, these guys throw in some more metalic riffs and melody, with two new members. Packaged in a slip sleeve with a color photo insert with a whole ton of lovely Cape. RM 20
MP3 :

Let Me out/First cut split CD [Akashic records]
Split CD of two great Swedish HC bands. LET ME OUT - This stuff is pretty standard no frills, no gimmick HC. Just how it should be done. Reminds me a lot of Paint It Black. FIRST CUT - Seems a little faster and something that would have come out around 1996 or so. Like Atari, Rancore, or things of that ilk. At the same time, a lot of Comeback Kid, and GB can be heard in this as well. Good stuff from both bands. RM 20ppd
MP3 || Let Me out :
MP3|| First cut :

MANIFESTO JUKEBOX "Strain" CD [Old skool kids records]
A trio from Finland, play raging punk rock transcending musical boundaries that few bands in this day and age even begin to challenge. They draw comparisons to Husker Du, Leatherface, Rites Of Spring, and Hot Water Music. Though comparisons are meant to give an idea of what you have to look forward to, MANIFESTO JUKEBOX create a noise of tumultuous standards all their own. The passion and drive of their music is backed by socially conscious lyrics sung with conviction, rage, and most importantly,HOPE.RM 23 MP3 :

Modern Crimes - s/t CD. [Damage done records]
Modern Crimes is a Canadian straight edge band from Drumonville, Quebec, originaly formed in 2001 as "A Perfect Murder" and feature the original ("Unbroken" LP) lineup. RM 20ppd
MP3 :

Now or Never CD Cock [suckrecords]
expecting something cool from Japan. They play fast punk rock tunes. In veins of most epitaph and burning heart records band. And they are melodic to the bones. RM 23ppd

PAUL CARTER - OLD ENOUGH TO KNOW BETTER CD [Punk shit records] - I was very immpressed with the demo that Herr Carter had with 6 tracks with classics like 'I Wanna Be A Skater Punk' and 'I Hate Work' so when he sent me a cdr of his debut album asking if I was interested in doing a release of it then I found it too hard to refuse, even though it's selling cd's I ned to be channeling my efforts into and not spending more money on new ones but as my living room gets smaller and smaller due to boxes of cd's I scratch my head and think 'fuck it'. This is 17 tracks of acoustic punk, one man, one guitar and a great sense of humour. Song titles include 'Bert The Ladyboy' 'Cause I Had Speed' and 'Gob On Your Granny' to name a few so maybe one to appeal to fans of the mighty Toy Dolls. RM 20
MP3 :

Pure Trio Evil CD - Australia 90's influence screamo hardcore with songs varied to everything. And its got cover songs from in/humanity, dropdead etc. U can imagine. Very nice packaging, with fold out cover. RM 20ppd.

Piromanos Del Ritmo - nosotros tenemos el fuego CD [Depraved and devilish records] - 3 piece intense hardcore/punk bands. This include 19 songs in vein of ratos de parao and mix it up with cripple bastard vocal style. Powerful and intense. Extreme music lover should grab this. And they are from Chile. RM 12ppd *The back cover have some folded here and there, so I reduce the price*
MP3 :

Point At Others "Point At Others" CD [Dp or not dp records] Six songs of hardhitting uptempo hardcore from The Netherlands. Lots of breakdowns, tempo changes and lots of awesome mosh power thrown in for good measure. In the tradition of fast Dutch thrash to the tune of LÜRM and SEEIN' RED - review from Profane Existence.RM 14ppd
MP3 :

Rector CDep [No fashion hardcore records]- Japan crust core. very good. RM 12ppd

Mister Bones "Monster Burns and Power Seekers" CD [Obskure Sombre records] - 80 mins of pure whiskey metal. Reminiscent to Black sabbath and stoner fucking rock music. Even the artwork have a style of the classic black sabbath art style. Excellent. RM 20ppd
MP3 :

Milizia HC CD [el paso records]
Italian band that played fast and political fast hardcore. A mixture between Look Back and laugh and SSD. The intensity is amazing and if you like hardcore with powerful driven, then you will dig this. Having a decent cover art doesnt mean that this release should be miss. RM 20ppd
MP3 :

Radio Reelers-"Rockin Sound" CD [Radio blast records]
Jeez, it sure the fuck IS a rockin' sound and an irresistible, catchy one at that. Hard driving punk rock 'n roll with the fired-up spirit of '77, Thunders riffs and played at a healthy clip. Sure, they strut, they wear shades, they scowl but these songs flat out MOVE and have killer hooks to match. Guitarist/vocalist Adam used to ply his wares in the smokin' Trust Fund Babies and these guys are just as good. Maybe better. I can never get enough of this kind of scorch. (Al Quint). RM 25ppd.
MP3 :

Raspatul "Devils In Renewed Birth" CD [Obskure sombre records] - New Release by Raspatul from SINGAPORE. The play Old School Thrash Metal style and sound very classic. This recording come with Mastering by James Murphy (TESTAMENT, OBITUARY & more). RM 20ppd
MP3 :

Robotosaurus "Sayhra Bank Volume 2" CD [Yellow Ghost records]
Screamo band from Australia at its best. Taking inspiration from band such as Orchid, this must be classic. 5 songs that long enough to make you ears bleed. More than 20 minutes. Beside going to straightforward this band got some technical stuff to speak in the song direction. Great stuff and recommended. RM 20ppd.
MP3 :

Septic Tank/Unrest split CD [MOvement records] Two Indonesia punk bands that exist since years. And septic tanks speak with their 6 brilliant songs of punk tunes. With 1 cover song from rolling stones. Unrest is grinding crust band that still exist until now and rip out with their tunes. RM 12ppd MP3 || Unrest :

Short Fused "Forget Reality" CD [Dp or not dp records] - With one of the former MOW-writers (Rudeless) in it's ranks it's perhaps a little hard to be objective about this band. When I got this cd I didn't really know what to expect... I never saw Short Fused play nor did I hear much more than a couple of MP3s in the past. So when I threw this one in my cd-player I was reliefed to hear that it was not something I was not into at all. While they do not play the kind of hardcore I love the most I did not had any urge to turn it off either. Shortfused play on this cd 6 songs of straight up hardcore lasting about 12 minutes, without any gimmicks or whitout trying to fit in to a certain style. Musically it is a mix of Backfire-style Eurocore mixed with some harder parts. The songs are harder than the stuff I heard some time ago. And that's a good thing cause it sounds a lot better! Decent release from these Dutch guys. Review from RM 13ppd
MP3 :

Slap the culture s/t CD [Akashic records]
Reagan era hardcore by nakasone era born kids for fans of : minor threat, negative approach, raw power, tripple threat,wasted time. Featuring members of gordon ivy & the jaybirds. RM 20ppd
MP3 :

Stillness Blade "The First Dark Chapter (Misanthropic Elevation)" CD [Obskure Sombre records] - Stilness Blade is from Italy. The play excellent Death Metal in the Vein of Vital Remains, Old Deicide & more... Featuring ANTONIO DONADEO, the drummer of Vital Remains for the World TOUR 06-07. RM 20ppd
MP3 :

Stopcox CD [Yellow dog records]
Furious hardcore punk in vein of band like restart, varukers. They doing the music nearly 30 minutes. Recommended. RM 20
MP3 :

THEMA ELEVEN "The Great Misanthrope" CD [Old skool kids records]
The Great Misanthrope" is a frontal clash, a hit without a warning. Thema Eleven plunges deeply into raw riffs that gush with animal energy. Can you feel it? The corpse is still warm?Not a single ray of light can be found in this record. It's a solid mass, and it refuses processing. The thundering sound is owed to Ondrej Je˛ek and Alex Newport (ex-Fudge Tunnel and Nailbomb, collaborated w/The Melvins, At The Drive-In, Panthers), and it's impact is crushing and merciless. Think of the impenetrable darkness of Neurosis, the jarring urgency of Envy, gathered together with the dark and heavy visionary appeal of Torche. "The Great Misanthrope" has arrived. Listen to it, or get out of the way.
MP3 - RM 23

Hatepinks, The - "Sehr Gut Rock Und Roll" CD
The HATEPINKS 2004 debut CD!!! French wavy 77 PUNK ROQUE to non-stop dance to with former GASOLHEADS singer Oliver Gasoil. Think of newer sounds like BRIEFS, NEW TOWN ANIMALS, OPERATION S or THE SPITS mixed with the classic nihil Punk Rock feel of the DEAD BOYS or the PAGANS. A cover song from Bad Brains too. RM 25
MP3 || Website :

The Garrison s/t ep CDr - Malaysian new bands of the combination clash meets some reggae beat inside. They are bringing a sense of old punk tune and mix it up with the touch of new thingy inside. This is very good stuff from a new bands. RM 5ppd

The Party of helicopters "acracadaver" CD [Stickfigure records]
Finally, after a delay of over a year, "abracadaver" has been repressed on cd. The repress has been repackaged in a jewel caseand remastered so this version is definitely improved over the previousversion. For those who are not familiar with the party of helicopters,their second full length "mt forever"; made spin magazine's top 10 records ofthe year in 2000, and their new 2xcd is coming out soon on troubleman. Asfor what the party of helicopters sound like, "abracadaver" is the fulllength that started paving the way for their moterhead/black metalinfluenced brand of in your face rock and roll. "Abracadaver" was recorded and originally released in 1997. RM23ppd
MP3 :

This the 4th album by Dublin's long standing punk/hardcore mob. 12 songs released February 2005. Picks up where Potshots left off and was released in the same way with myself and the band going halves, Ian from Weird Records also has a share in this one. I think they have progressed a lot as time goes by as musicians and if you liked their old stuff then you need to get a copy of this. There are some songs you can download from Potshots on the music page of the site, it's neither punk nor hardcore, but a mix of the two with lots of anger in the vocal department. RM 20
MP3 :

The Versus Project CD [Damage done records]
UK band featuring members of The Rise, Send More Paramedics and D Rail. Very raw and intense thrash /metalcore album with a hardcore spirit. RM 20ppd
MP3 :

Trogglodyte/as a rive/sick sad world [obscure sombre] - 3 bands that played diversed kind of grind metal stuff. RM 18ppd

Long running Porto Alegre, Brazil, powerful punk/hardcore gets their 1st full-length release out after 12 years! If you are into power and fast hardcore with pulverizing Brazilian-punk styled vocals, D-beat+roll flavored guitars, Crusty-trash bass lines (Gustavo from Gritos de Alerta) and earthquake beats, you will love UNIDOS PELO ODIO. Their 21 songs range from the modern crusty-hc to punk rock going to d-beat and thrash in a top quality record session with more than 1h of power-punk! RM 20ppd.
MP3 :

Valina "Vagabond" CD [Conspiracy records]
Second full length album of my favourite band which could bring these three boys from Linz, Upper Austria, the big boost in their careers, except that they don't want it. They mix emo-core, noise- & post-rock and deconstruct it into their very own mix just because they want to and like it that way. They record in Chicago with Steve Albini because it just so happened that they met him and liked each other. They play the best concerts, technically perfect and with so much emotion, that you don't ever want them to leave but to play every night for you and your friends. Isn't that exactly how it should be done? Yes, it sure is. RM 25ppd
MP3 :

Waco Fuck "Paranoia is total awareness" CD [Life's a rape records] - Waco Fuck's debut LP, "Paranoia Is Total Awareness," shows the band moving their malicious, grinding, power violence assault in a decidedly more mid-paced hardcore punk direction while retaining the terse urgency of their previous EPs. '80s hardcore such as Battalion Of Saints, MDC, Broken Bones and Discharge blends with '90s favorites like Filth and State Of Fear while hard as nails Infest riffage and the occasional blast thrown in for good measure gives the album an undeniable momentum. As the title suggests, an obsession with conspiracy theories and contempt for the military industrial complex sets a powerful tone for the album, ensuring that the lyrics don't take a backseat to the rage of the music. The CD version features bonus tracks from their two out of print EPs. RM 20ppd
MP3 :

WPI/Duke Nukem Forever "Split" CD [Give praise records] - WPI are a good mix of punk rock 'n roll with reggae breakdowns and hardcore vocals. Combined with fast, thrash breaks to keep it all mixed together. Duke Nukem Forever are over the top thrash raging at 100 miles per hour. Plenty of hooks and fast spit vocals that are angry as hell. File them next to Terminal Youth. RM 20
MP3 || duke nukem forever :
MP3 || WPO : - WPO


CHAROGNE STONE/ FATAL NUNCHAKU SPLIT 7" [Kawaii records] Charogne stone latest material. They still rip ass with their trashcore tune. And this goes much better than before. Fatal nunchaku, oh no, they are tight ass. And upon first time listening, this is not dissapoint me. Mixing up trashing, and grinding at the same time. Brutal. RM 12 MP3 || Charogne stone :
MP3 || Fatal Nunchaku :

Death with a dagger/workshy split 7"[el paso records]
Death with a dagger is a dbeat rock n roll band from finland comparable to band like auction, human waste, etc. Workshy is a new Zealand based band that played fast hardcore. RM 12ppd
MP3 :

GRITOS DE ALERTA / HERESIA split 7" [Terroten records]
Heresia: Obscure and unknow Brazilian D-Beat band, playing 3 dragged, dirty and heavy songs, a mix of Discharge, Doom, Disclose and Motörhead. GRITOS DE ALERTA: trash/hardcore from Brazil mixed with d-beat and crust influences, 2 vocals and 4 songs. Includes english lyrics translations for both bands. RM 12ppd

Sleeping at the Popes - S/T 7" [Brodenknot records]
SATP were a South African band who promoted ideas of animal rights and anarchism in their music. RM 12ppd
MP3 :

Toxic Death Kommando Militia(TDKM) - S/T 7" [Brodenknot records]
Cape Town anarcho punk/crust!! Check them out at This record is co-released with Starving Times Records as well. Limited to 500 copies. RM 10ppd
MP3 :

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