Title:Around Lan-Na
Subtitle: A Guide to Thailand's Northern Border Region from Chiang Mai to Nan
Author: Christian Goodden
Publisher:Jungle Books
Price:750 B


This is a sequel to Three Pagodas by the same author, covering the remaining section of the border area between Chiang Dao and Nan. The author's unique style of supplementing his travelog with anthropological/historical/sociological notes on various ethnic groups he encounters along the way is preserved.

Like Three Pagodas, this book is more useful and enjoyable for the reader with rather extensive traveling experience around this area. The author explores every nook and cranny along the route, and reminds the well-traveled reader how much he has missed!

Compared to Three Pagodas, having been undertaken some five years later, and with practical tips and contacts, this book has more of a feature of a guidebook for advanced travelers than a history book.

Supplied with 32 detailed maps.


1. Amazing Thailand
Introduction, the Asian economic crisis, Chiangmai
incl. A brief history of Chiang Mai and Lan-Na

2. A Monarchical Mountain
Introduction, Chiang Mai - Chiang Dao
incl. Trekking up Doi Chiang Dao

3. Black Snowflakes
Chiang Dao - Muang Ngai - Nong Ook

4. Upland Miracles
Nong Ook - Xing Shoon - Tam Ngop - Pa Daeng - Ban Luang - Doi Ang Karng - Nor Lae - Fang
incl. The new border road Nor Lae - Doi Larng

5. Moonbliss: The Palaung
Fang - Palaung Suan Cha - Doi Larng - Taton
incl. Some notes on the Palaung people

6. Shining Jade: The Wa
Taton - Li Ching - Mae Salong
incl. The Wa, Ai Siao-su and recent Wa history

7. Grandpa General: The KMT
Doi Mae Salong
incl. Brief history of the KMT and of Doi Mae Salong

8. The Akha Continuum: The Akha
Mae Salong - Saam Yaek/Saam Soong - Hin Taek
incl. The Akha and their culture

9. Yesterday's Man
Hin Taek - Huai Poeng - Huai Mor - Sa Ma Ki - Doi Tung - Doi Chiang Moob - Mae Sai
incl. Thumgnail sketch of Khun Sa and of his exit from the 'Golden Triangle' stage

10. Golden Triangle
Mae Sai - Sob Ruak ('Golden Triangle') - Chiang Saen
incl. History of Chiang Saen

11. Entrepreneurial Spirits: The Hmong
Chiang Saen - Haat Bai/Kiu Khan - Chiang Khong
incl. Hmong history and culture

12. Heavenly Twins: The KMT & The CPT Insurgency
Chiang Khong - Wiang Kaen - Pa Taang - Doi Pu Ji Fa - Lao-U - Huak - Chiang Kham
incl. History of Pa Taang; the KMT & the communist insurgency

13. Highland Aristocrats: The Yao
Chiang Kham - Huai Fuang - Song Kwae - Huai Klaep
incl. Some notes on the Yao

14. Casino Bad Boy: The Khmu
Huai Klaep/Huai Lao - Song Kwae - Tam - Chiang Klang - Huai Sa Taeng
incl. Khmu people, history and culture

15. Flowing River: The Tai Lue
Huai Sa Taeng - Lai Tung - Huai Khon
incl. Tai Lue people, history, culture

16. Fission and Entropy: The Lua
Huai Khon - Huai Sai Kao - Kiu Jaan - Nam Chang - Nam Ri
incl. Lua people and culture

17. Salt Well
Nam Chang - Sa Kien - Sa Wa - Sa Pan - Bo Glua

18. Papaya Pok-Pok
Bo Glua - Pak Huak - Sob Mang - Mae Sa Nan - Don Prai Wan - Santisuk - Pang Chang - Mae Charim - Na Sia

19. The Empty Quarter
Mae Sa Nan - Sa Wang - Nam Duang - Rom Glao - Na Sia

20. Money Well
Na Sia - Haad Rai - Nam Muap - Bo Bia - Pang Hai - Sao Din - Na Noi - Wiang Sa - Nan

21. The Swallows of Nan
Nan town and surroundings
incl. Some historical notes on Nan & travellers' impressions of bygone Nan

22. Yellow Leaves: The Mrabri
Nan - Du Tai - Huai Liep - Huai Yuak - Pang Poei - Nan
incl. Mbrabri people, culture and predicament
Route Sketch

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